Proklaim, a talented solo artist hailing from Windhoek, Namibia, is making waves with his innovative approach to hip-hop. With a passion for pushing the genre forward and incorporating value-based messages, Proklaim stays true to the tenets of lyricism and soulfulness while striving for creative diversity in his work.

Influenced by legends such as Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, Proklaim has been honing his craft since 2011, consistently delivering powerful and thought-provoking music. Notably, he made an appearance on MTV Bass for his captivating music video, “Kingz.”


Proklaim’s ethos revolves around following intuition and staying true to one’s purpose, evoking a stirring in the chest that guides the way. His upcoming EP marks a significant milestone, with the first three tracks laid down in 2023. As Proklaim aptly states, “Kings have fallen at the hands of the trifling,” capturing the essence of his powerful musicality and captivating presence.

As Proklaim continues to carve his path in the music industry, listeners can expect an enthralling fusion of hip-hop, soul, and profound storytelling, delivering a unique and compelling experience that leaves a lasting impact.


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Ramleak, known for their infectious rhythmic dance music and captivating minimalism, has joined forces with New York City’s modular synth-driven producer, Droids On Acid, for a mind-bending remix of their track “Choose Love.” This collaboration fuses boundary-pushing soundscapes and intricate production, combining Ramleak’s fusion of FJAAK and Len Faki with Droids On Acid’s transformative touch. The result is a techno masterpiece that ignites energy and sets hearts racing on the dancefloor or during a workout session.


“Choose Love” showcases Ramleak’s dynamic range and versatility as they blend mesmerizing melodies, signature “garbage disposal” acid synths, and pulsating grooves into an uplifting techno anthem that defies traditional structural formulas. The track delves into the realm of technology gone awry, mirroring the formidable and unpredictable nature of life itself.

Droids On Acid’s remix takes the original track to new heights with its infectious acid line, driving rhythm, hypnotic soundscapes, and a fresh vocal twist. This love-letter to the iconic Roland TB-303 demonstrates Droids On Acid’s electrifying prowess in crafting dancefloor-ready techno bangers.

Ramleak’s fearless fusion of experimental electronic elements and boundless energy has garnered praise from industry insiders, with DJ Hell describing their sound as “good solid techno.” Drawing comparisons to renowned artists like FJAAK and Len Faki, Ramleak continues to challenge the status quo and push sonic boundaries.

Based in Los Angeles, Ramleak has captivated audiences worldwide with their immersive live sets and electrifying soundscapes. Their upcoming album promises to deliver more of their unique sonic journeys, and “Choose Love” serves as the fifth single from this highly anticipated release.

Droids On Acid, the techno alias of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Brotman, brings a fresh perspective to electronic music. While his other projects incorporate organic elements and African polyrhythms, Droids On Acid embraces cutting-edge technology to create an otherworldly experience. Brotman’s compositions invite listeners to infuse their own emotions, passions, and dreams into the music, fostering a profound connection on the dancefloor.

Released under the Bikiniwax Records label, known for its diverse range of artists and meticulous craftsmanship, “Choose Love” and its mesmerizing Droids On Acid remix will be available on all platforms starting June 2, 2023. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that defies conventions and sparks an intense symphony of self-discovery.


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Introducing the captivating collaboration of Romanian artists Neoradiant and Francesca Hojda, the euphoric track “Hello Wonder” combines the enchanting sounds of synthwave and synthpop. This dynamic duo takes listeners on a carefree journey, celebrating the beauty and mystery of life while inviting them to embrace unity and embark on a discovery of wonder.


Neoradiant, led by Romanian producer Daniel Dorobanțu, is known for his innovative and original approach to music and multimedia creation. With an avant-garde vision that spans various artistic mediums, including sound, video, photography, dance, and animation, Dorobanțu creates immersive experiences that transport audiences to realms of imagination and higher consciousness. As the founder of Thy Veils art collective, he has pioneered the ambient music scene in Romania.

Francesca Hojda, a talented singer, songwriter, and student at the University of History Bucharest, lends her unique voice to “Hello Wonder.” With her debut release, Hojda showcases her versatility and artistic range, drawing influences from pop, indie, R&B, and baroque-pop genres. Her music serves as a personal journal, offering insights into her inner life.

“Hello Wonder” is available for streaming on all major platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in its captivating melodies and evocative lyrics. Join Neoradiant and Francesca Hojda on this sonic adventure, where they invite you to embrace the magic of curiosity and discover the world of wonder that awaits.

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