San Diego-based indie punk band, Cardboard Boxer, has unveiled their latest single, “Tunnel Vision,” a heartfelt anthem that delves into the overwhelming nature of modern life and the uncertainty that accompanies important decisions. With an infectious chorus and hypnotic riffs, this track demands attention and strikes a chord with listeners.

Cardboard Boxer

Comprising Shea Villetet on vocals and guitar, Thomas Achenbach on guitar, Cameron Jackson on bass, and Evan De Silva on drums, Cardboard Boxer has been honing their craft since 2017. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Fidlar, Wavves, Early Modest Mouse, and Dead Kennedys, they have crafted a unique sound that resonates with their audience.

The band’s journey began when Shea and Tommy met in middle school, eventually forming Cardboard Boxer and evolving their style from metal to surfy/punk tunes. In 2020, Cameron joined the group, adding a new dynamic to their indie punk sound.

Cardboard Boxer’s energetic performances have garnered attention, including headlining the Voodoo Room in San Diego and participating in Peachy Fest alongside TV Girl, The Frights, and No Vacation. Their notable live presence is matched by their passion for emergency medicine, as three band members are currently in Paramedic school and have been EMTs for several years.

“Tunnel Vision” was recorded and produced by Richie Beretta and mastered at Rose Quartz Mastering, resulting in a sonic balance that captures the band’s essence. The single showcases their nervousness and apprehension, drawing inspiration from the vibrant San Diego surf and skate scene.

Reflecting on the single, Shea Villetet states, “This feeling of complacency quickly turns to vacancy,” encapsulating the introspective nature of “Tunnel Vision.” With their mesmerizing guitar solos and captivating melodies, Cardboard Boxer invites listeners to join them on their introspective journey through life’s whirlwind.

As Cardboard Boxer continues to refine their sound and captivate audiences with their infectious energy, “Tunnel Vision” serves as a testament to their artistic growth and unwavering commitment to their craft. Stay tuned for more electrifying releases from this talented indie punk outfit.


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Orlando-based independent artist and singer-songwriter Kristopher Houck takes listeners on a profound journey with his latest original song, “Swear to God,” delving into the complex emotions of abusive relationships. With a touch of innocence, the track poignantly addresses the feelings of loneliness and the desperate desire to change in order to earn the love of others. “Swear to God” marks Houck’s second release since the pandemic, shedding light on the emotional struggles of sacrificing personal truth for acceptance and love.


Houck explains, “With ‘Swear to God,’ I wanted to expose the falsehood that one must change to feel worthy in the eyes of someone else. I personally grappled with the belief that I needed to alter myself to please the god I believed in. Having an aspect of my identity rejected pushed me to do everything possible to make it right.”

While the song’s themes resonate deeply with LGBTQ audiences, “Swear to God” carries a universal message about the significance of unconditional love and acceptance, highlighting the harm caused by their absence.

Kristopher’s music thrives on unfiltered honesty and romanticism, as he crafts relatable songs that facilitate emotional connection and healing through the transformative power of music. Like many other artists, the pandemic’s isolation provided him with the opportunity for introspection, enabling him to delve into his songwriting with newfound depth and perspective. “Swear to God” serves as a featured single from his upcoming debut album, “Liar,” set to release in 2023.

With his raw vulnerability and thought-provoking lyrics, Kristopher Houck continues to captivate audiences, creating a safe space for reflection and growth through his introspective musical offerings. Stay tuned for the release of “Swear to God” and prepare to be moved by the undeniable artistry of this independent musician.


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With his highly anticipated sophomore release, “RESULTS,” Ellery Twining builds upon the success of his critically acclaimed debut album, “REVENGE,” and ventures into the intriguing realm of Post Pop. This collection of songs offers a unique perspective, providing listeners with a glimpse into the experiences and reflections of Generation X during their formative years.

Ellery Twining

Twining’s artistic vision extends beyond the confines of traditional Pop/Rock, as he successfully experiments with unconventional song structures and arrangements. Drawing inspiration from the universal concept of ABACAB, he weaves together a musical tapestry that pushes the boundaries of genre classification.

“RESULTS” embodies the true essence of a solo endeavor, with Twining’s remarkable talent on full display. From playing all the instruments to writing every song and penning all the lyrics, he immerses himself fully in the creative process. Collaborating with renowned producer Eric Lichter of Dirt Floor Recording Studio, Twining has meticulously crafted each track to perfection.

David Bentley joins the project as the exclusive bass guitarist, providing the essential groove that complements Twining’s musical prowess.

“RESULTS” presents a sonic landscape that merges the ethereal allure of Cocteau Twins with the spirit of Neil Young, all under the veil of a nom de plume. Twining skillfully captures the essence of the Generation X transformation, offering an insightful commentary on popular culture, survival strategies developed during childhood, and the lasting effects of socially acceptable divorce.

While some songs on the album maintain a familiar pop structure, Twining’s reinvention of the genre becomes evident as each track unfolds. “RESULTS” is a testament to his artistic evolution and serves as a captivating showcase of his musical prowess.

Prepare to be captivated by Ellery Twining’s unique sonic vision as he guides you through the enthralling world of Post Pop. “RESULTS” is a testament to his creativity and unyielding dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical journey.


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Prepare to be amazed by the explosive forthcoming single “FXXXD” from the highly anticipated project “DNCB.” This eagerly awaited release showcases Kevin Bailey’s immense talent as a self-produced artist. Raised in the vibrant city of Detroit, Kevin’s musical journey started during his formative years, where he was immersed in a thriving hip-hop culture that sparked his creative fire. Drawing influences from a fusion of hip-hop, rap, and alternative genres, the band’s music resonates with a diverse audience.

Kevin Bailey

Despite being in the early stages of their musical career, Kevin and his team have already made waves in the local scene, performing at noteworthy gigs and festivals in Detroit. They recently joined forces with fellow artist T$unami811 for the “Bad Trip Tour,” leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

The captivating single “FXXXD” was crafted in the comfort of Kevin’s own home, allowing him to infuse it with his heartfelt emotions. It serves as an outlet to express frustrations and transform negativity into a powerful musical experience. With affiliations to esteemed figures like MOODY MAN of Mahogani Music and Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade, as well as K-Stone aka Dogmatic of D.U.K (Detroit Underdog Kings) Music Group, the band is steadily gaining recognition and establishing themselves within the industry.

Kevin’s words capture the essence of the band’s ethos: “The new rager of America.” Brace yourself for the release of “FXXXD,” an electrifying and thought-provoking musical endeavor. This is just the beginning of a remarkable journey that is set to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

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Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Powers of the Monk is a musical ensemble comprising the original members Detroit Monk and Pontiac Powers. Initially established in 2006, the band took a break in 2009 but has now made a comeback with fresh tunes and a revised artistic direction. While their earlier incarnation delved into experimentation, the current version focuses more on crafting melodic, structured songs.

Their latest offering, “Firefly,” is the fourth in a series of monthly releases. This captivating track weaves a tale of an aspiring terrorist who finds significance in the twinkling lights of fireflies, interpreting them as coded messages. However, his fragile mental state pushes him into a realm of terror for which he is unprepared.

Powers of the Monk’s resurgence promises an enthralling musical odyssey as they continue to explore distinct themes and captivate listeners with their unique sonic signatures. Stay tuned for their forthcoming releases as this Detroit-based band captivates audiences with their fresh perspective and musical prowess.

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