In an era dominated by musical uniformity, “Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples” boldly shatter the mold with their latest original album, “Shelf Life.” This musical odyssey spans four decades of songwriting, taking us from Waxy Shellac’s late teens to the present day. The album, a vibrant tapestry of genres, delivers a little something for everyone. “Shelf Life” is a kaleidoscopic collection, featuring soul-stirring singer-songwriter love ballads, progressive rock anthems, and sharp satirical observations. The album kicks off with “Prescription Song,” a witty commentary on the absurdity of pharmaceutical side effects. Waxy’s acerbic wit continues in “Threesome,” exploring unconventional relationship dynamics with a cheeky musical twist.

Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples

“I’m On The Bench” slows down the tempo, offering a poignant reflection on moments of solitude and introspection. Meanwhile, “Codependent Me” takes a humorous yet introspective dive into the complexities of interdependence, showcasing Waxy’s songwriting versatility. The lively “Chorus Comes Along” injects a dose of infectious energy into the mix, leaving listeners hooked on its upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies. As the album progresses, “Shelf Life” becomes a sonic kaleidoscope, with each track offering a unique blend of influences and emotions. From the soulful reflections of “All Over Me” to the introspective musings of “Thousand Things,” Waxy Shellac crafts an auditory experience that defies convention and invites listeners into a world where musical boundaries are meant to be broken.

With influences ranging from Todd Rundgren and Utopia to Steely Dan and Bare Naked Ladies, “Shelf Life” is a testament to Waxy Shellac’s ability to seamlessly weave together diverse musical threads. As the Tasteless Apples serve up this musical cocktail, the result is an album that challenges, captivates, and resonates long after the final notes have faded. Prepare to be immersed in the sonic tapestry of “Shelf Life,” where each track invites you to explore a different facet of Waxy Shellac’s musical journey.


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