Michael Gabriel, a skilled musician from Canada, is becoming famous worldwide. His music is played on radio and streaming platforms in over 50 countries. He is now living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Michael has had a long and varied music career. He was part of the famous Canadian band Men Without Hats and helped start another band called Isinglass. Now, he is making music on his own and has released his first solo album, “Surfacing”, which came out on June 21, 2023. Famous artists like David Bowie and Moby inspired Michael’s music. He combines different styles to create a unique sound, similar to artists like Moby, Air, and Massive Attack. His album “Surfacing” features various genres, including Indie, Electronica, and Hip Hop, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Michael Gabriel’s music comes from his heart and imagination. His songs have beautiful melodies and stories that capture listeners’ attention. He refers to his style as “listen and groove” music, emphasizing its intended enjoyment and emotional impact. His music is a unique blend of catchy melodies and rhythms that people worldwide enjoy and connect with. The album “Surfacing” has some standout songs, “Swagger”, “Sweet Toxin”, “Prophecy and Conspiracy”, and “Island”. Michael’s unique way of mixing different music styles has gained him loyal fans. Michael Gabriel’s move from playing in a band to being a solo artist shows his talent and hard work. People from different cultures and countries love his music. Listen to his music, and enjoy how it makes you feel and want to move.

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