‘See Your Face Again’ is a heartfelt single created specifically for Refugee Week, which runs from June 19th to 25th, with a focus on the theme of #compassion in 2023. The song aims to cultivate empathy and foster a sense of connectedness by placing ourselves in the shoes of others. It is the result of a unique collaboration between The Marsh Family and Afghan musician Ali Esmahilzada, who fled Kabul in 2022.

The Marsh Family

This powerful track came about after receiving a request from Ukraine to create music that resonated with those affected by conflict. However, rather than approaching the topic from a political standpoint, The Marsh Family sought to offer a more universal perspective that counters the dehumanization of refugees often perpetuated by governments. The song has gained the support of the Refugee Council, with its CEO describing it as “Beautiful and Moving.”

Using guitar, cello, clarinet, and Ali’s violin, ‘See Your Face Again’ captures simplicity and yearning, blending Ella’s lead vocals with backing voices to emphasize the shared experience of loss and its far-reaching consequences. The Marsh Family believes that as the world continues to grapple with migration crises, it is crucial to foster a shared sense of humanity and develop better policies.

The Marsh Family’s inspiring new single, ‘See Your Face Again,’ is set to release on Friday, June 16th. The accompanying music video raises awareness for the work of the Kent Refugee Action Network in supporting young refugees and asylum seekers. Known for their unique blend of humor, heart, and hope, the versatile Marsh Family gained international attention during the lockdown with their parody songs, earning them the moniker ‘Von Trapped’ family.

The Marsh Family’s collaboration with Ali Esmahilzada, who received an antique violin in the US that allowed him to resume playing, adds a poignant layer to ‘See Your Face Again.’ The song’s soft vocals, wistful lyrics, and delicate instrumentation, including guitar, cello, and clarinet, create a harmonious atmosphere that urges listeners to view refugees as individuals in need of support.

Hailing from Kent, a county with a rich history of migration and situated on the frontlines of the issue, The Marsh Family filmed the music video at iconic heritage sites. With their previous music described as “work of great depth and conscience,” “a ravishing blend,” and “enchanting,” The Marsh Family’s contribution to the music scene continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Their latest offering, ‘See Your Face Again,’ presents a warmer tone, emphasizing the importance of connection and empathy in our shared human experience. The Marsh Family is on their way to becoming a musical phenomenon, inspiring audiences with their thought-provoking and heartfelt compositions.


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Dan Webb, the enigmatic music producer hailing from Melbourne, continues to defy conventional classification with his ever-evolving and boundary-pushing musical style. Since his debut EP in 2009, Webb has fearlessly blended elements of psychedelia, electronic experimentation, and timeless songwriting to create a truly unique and dynamic sound. His latest offerings represent some of the most captivating and compelling work of his career, boasting a maximalist approach filled with infectious hooks, ethereal soundscapes, and fleeting moments of unexpected beauty. With a series of exciting releases planned for this year and beyond, Dan Webb is poised to establish himself as a visionary force in contemporary music.

Dan Webb

Melbourne-based producer Dan Webb has just announced the highly anticipated release of his forthcoming album, “Sunshine/Dialogue,” scheduled to hit the airwaves on June 9. The album is the culmination of a remarkable four-year journey, during which Webb conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse range of artists, including Grammy Award winners, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers, and emerging indie talents. These conversations served as the creative catalyst for “Sunshine/Dialogue,” infusing the album with profound depth and philosophical dimensions. Notably, the emotionally charged centerpiece of the album, “A Good Song,” features thought-provoking samples from Greg Saunier of Deerhoof.

This track delves into the concept of what defines a “good song” and fearlessly challenges conventional definitions, as Saunier’s voice resonates within a sprawling sonic landscape. Throughout the twelve imaginative tracks of the album, Webb masterfully builds upon this concept, delivering an eclectic, whimsical, and occasionally audacious sonic experience. “Sunshine/Dialogue” defies the limitations of genre, artfully reinventing established musical approaches while retaining an undeniably accessible pop sensibility.

Webb’s fifteen-year career has been defined by constant experimentation and a refusal to be confined by labels such as “electro-jazz” or “psych-rock.” The album serves as the culmination of his genre-bending exploration and showcases the multitude of influences derived from his conversations with artists representing diverse backgrounds. The result is an extraordinary collection of music that defies categorization and demands to be experienced in its entirety.

As Saunier alludes to on “A Good Song,” the true measure of music lies in its ability to evoke emotions. “Sunshine/Dialogue” promises to take listeners on an unprecedented journey of uncharted feelings, immersing them in an entirely new sonic landscape. Prepare yourself for the release of “Sunshine/Dialogue” by Dan Webb on June 9, available through independent channels.

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Renowned cellist Russick Smith has recently debuted a captivating music video for his composition “Architecture of Vapor,” an enthralling orchestral piece that showcases Smith’s exceptional talent on the solo cello. The visual narrative revolves around a young girl who shares a deep passion for both playing the cello and sketching. As she matures and pursues a career as an architect, she gradually finds herself overwhelmed and lacking inspiration. However, a fortuitous encounter with an aerialist gracefully performing on silks above an empty stage, accompanied by the emotionally stirring melody played by the lone cellist, reignites her dormant creativity. With a revived sense of joy reminiscent of her childhood, the young architect rediscovers her enthusiasm for her work.

Russick Smith

Commissioned by Jennifer Thies, an aerialist and architect herself, “Architecture of Vapor” beautifully captures the essence of rekindling lost passion, the poignant beauty that elicits profound emotions, and the mysterious and ever-changing nature of our innermost feelings. Smith’s thought-provoking composition delves into the intangible aspects of complex emotions, challenging our understanding of them. Notably, the piece was written, recorded, and scored entirely at Smith’s home during the pandemic, fulfilling Thies’ request for a composition that evokes intense emotions in a positive way.

Russick Smith’s unconventional journey and diverse experiences, ranging from firefighting to traversing the natural landscapes of the western US, have shaped his unique musical voice. Despite exploring different musical genres like heavy metal and jazz, Smith’s unwavering devotion to the cello has remained since his initial encounter with the instrument in elementary school. His passion for music led him to work as an assistant engineer for esteemed artists such as The Black Crowes and Levon Helm.

However, Smith’s pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling life led him to embark on various endeavors, including working on traditional sailing ships and teaching snowboarding, all while his instruments remained a constant companion. It is within this backdrop that Smith’s musical identity was forged—a fusion of natural elements, the machinery of life, a vivid imagination, and an introspective heart. Today, he is celebrated within his community, receiving recognition from notable figures like Colorado Governor Jared Polis and acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma. While his performances, including his captivating arboreal displays, have gained national attention, Russick Smith remains a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

So, whether you find yourself strolling through a sun-drenched forest path, exploring the depths of a desert canyon, or immersing yourself in the enchantment of a concert hall, stay attuned to the melodies that surround you. For at some point, in some way, you may cross paths with Russick Smith and experience the transformative power of his music firsthand.


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Jen Ash, the rising star in the music industry, has pleasantly surprised her fans with a new single cover of the timeless French classic, “Paroles Paroles,” originally performed by Dalida. This heartfelt rendition serves as a tribute to the iconic artist and reflects Ash’s own admiration for the cultural icon.

Jen Ash

Growing up, Jen Ash cherished the moments when she would listen to Dalida’s albums on repeat, and this release is a testament to the lasting impact the music had on her. Inspired by Dalida’s journey as an Egyptian artist who defied expectations and found success in France, Ash found resonance in her own personal experiences of leaving behind familiar surroundings for a better life.

Ash’s acoustic version of “Paroles Paroles” is a stripped-down arrangement, featuring her signature vocals and delicate guitar work. With her distinct style and emotive delivery, she breathes new life into this beloved classic, reminding listeners of the enduring allure of Dalida’s music.

Originally hailing from France and Lebanon, Jen Ash now resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to make waves in the music industry. Her previous single, “Trouble,” garnered recognition, reaching the National Radio Hits Top 20 airplay chart. Fans can look forward to the release of the music video accompanying her latest single in the near future.


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