Sarantos, the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, has unveiled his latest single and music video titled “Sunflower.” Released on June 1st, 2023, this song serves as a heartfelt tribute to the special connection shared between a father and his daughter, timed perfectly for Father’s Day.


“Sunflower” beautifully captures the enduring love between a father and his daughter. The lyrics poignantly portray their unwavering bond, transcending time and distance. Through life’s challenges and joys, the daughter remains a shining light, bringing happiness and warmth to her father’s life.

The music video accompanying “Sunflower” promises to be a visual delight, featuring stunning scenes of sunflower fields and a touching portrayal of the father-daughter relationship.

Sarantos’ new single, “Sunflower,” is a must-listen for anyone who cherishes the profound love between fathers and daughters. With his impressive musical talent, Sarantos has received over 57 awards and nominations since 2014, and his songs have been featured in various media placements.

Immerse yourself in Sarantos’ world and experience the heartfelt beauty of “Sunflower,” a touching homage to the enduring love between a father and his daughter. Discover why listeners worldwide are captivated by Sarantos’ music, as he skillfully weaves stories through his artistry.


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Lili Joy, a talented 20-year-old singer-songwriter originating from Los Angeles, CA, is on the brink of unveiling her highly anticipated debut album titled “She” in July. This forthcoming release includes the title track, which holds special significance for Lili as it represents her personal experiences and growth in the music industry and as an individual transitioning into adulthood.

Lili Joy

Described as a love letter to her past, present, and future self, “She” showcases Lili’s empathetic reflection on her earlier years, appreciation for her current existence, and optimistic aspirations for what lies ahead.

Collaborating with esteemed drummer Aaron Steele (known for his work with Hayley Williams and Portugal the Man) and producer John Velasquez (credited for contributions to Vacations and Zella Day), Lili Joy’s musical prowess shines through in this captivating single.

Listeners can anticipate a captivating musical journey when Lili Joy’s debut album “She” arrives, offering a glimpse into her artistry and the profound emotions she conveys through her music. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she continues to make her mark in the industry.


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Introducing a captivating new artist who seamlessly merges the realms of guitars and electronic music to create a sonic landscape that reflects his surroundings. Under the moniker “sent from above,” Sam Roberts releases his highly anticipated debut EP, titled ‘From Nothing,’ on June 2, 2023.

sent from above


Featuring a tracklist that includes “The All,” “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” “From Nothing,” and “No End,” this EP is the culmination of a creative journey that began in 2021. By combining his passion for guitars, uplifting synths, and electronic drums, sent from above takes listeners on an emotive rollercoaster.

Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like SAN HOLO, ILLENIUM, DUSKUS, and FLUME, this project showcases Sam’s favorite sounds and production styles. Each track immerses listeners in a unique soundscape, brought to life by evocative imagery and the artist’s surroundings at the time, as beautifully captured in the accompanying artworks.

Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure with sent from above’s EP ‘From Nothing,’ a testament to the artist’s artistic vision and his ability to craft captivating music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.


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Get ready for the highly anticipated release from the innovative San Diego band, Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra: “Have an Existential Crisis.” This groundbreaking robo-rocksteady album takes listeners on an extraordinary journey through parallel universes, the meaning of life, and alternate realities. The vinyl edition presents a one-of-a-kind experience, with parallel grooves offering either Robot or Human vocalists. Limited to just 250 hand-numbered records, each accompanied by a captivating package including liner notes by Aaron Carnes, a hidden digital dub version, and engaging extras like a puzzle, red decoder glasses, and a perplexing splintered reality maze.

The album features an impressive lineup of guest vocalists, including Spencer Moody from Murder City Devils, Pall Jenkins from 3 Mile Pilot and Black Heart Procession, Pat Beers from the Schizophonics, and more. Additionally, John Roy of Smoke and Mirrors Sound System and Unsteady contributes saxophone performances on multiple tracks. With its thought-provoking themes and mesmerizing music, “Have an Existential Crisis” is set to captivate audiences and ignite stimulating discussions.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the innovative sounds of Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, hailing from San Diego, and their latest release, “Have an Existential Crisis.” This groundbreaking album explores new sonic territories, delving into parallel universes, the essence of life, and alternate realities. Scheduled for release on August 8, 2023, “Have an Existential Crisis” pushes boundaries, offering a truly unique listening experience.

The vinyl edition of the album is a testament to the band’s ingenuity, presenting parallel grooves that result in either Robot or Human vocalists. As the needle hits the record, listeners embark on a musical odyssey shaped by the vinyl itself, introducing an element of surprise and wonder to the already captivating compositions.

Collaboration lies at the heart of “Have an Existential Crisis,” with an exceptional lineup of guest vocalists lending their talents to the project. The contributions of Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils, M. Krebs), Pall Jenkins (3 Mile Pilot, Black Heart Procession, Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects), Pat Beers (The Schizophonics, Bobby & the Pins), and other remarkable artists create a diverse and dynamic sonic landscape. Adding to the album’s depth and richness, John Roy (Smoke & Mirrors Sound System, Unsteady) delivers soul-stirring saxophone performances on multiple tracks.

The vinyl package includes captivating liner notes penned by Aaron Carnes, esteemed author of In Defense of Ska, providing listeners with deeper insights into the band’s creative process and thematic exploration. As an added surprise, fans will uncover a hidden digital dub version of the album crafted by the talented Nate “Black Market Dub” Bridges.

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra goes above and beyond, offering an immersive physical package that transcends traditional album releases. Within the vinyl package, fans will discover a two-sided 9″ x 12″ puzzle, inviting them to assemble fragments of a mesmerizing reality. The inclusion of red decoder glasses enables listeners to unlock hidden elements and secrets embedded in the artwork. For those seeking an extra challenge, a perplexing splintered reality maze awaits, testing their navigation skills and adding a sense of adventure to the experience.

Limited to a hand-numbered edition of 250 vinyl records across three distinct colors, “Have an Existential Crisis” is a collector’s dream. Each record promises a unique encounter, serving as a tangible artifact to treasure in an increasingly digital world. Additionally, fans will receive a BandCamp digital download, ensuring convenient accessibility across various platforms.

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