In the realm of music, there are artists who possess the rare ability to seamlessly blend genres, creating a captivating and irresistible sound. Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy, two talented cousins, have mastered this art with their fusion of catchy rap, dancehall, and reggaeton. Their music is a dynamic and energetic experience that appeals to a diverse audience, incorporating elements from each genre to create something truly unique.

What sets Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy apart is not only their infectious beats but also their commitment to addressing important social issues. Their lyrics delve into themes of love, empowerment, social justice, and personal growth, aiming to connect with listeners on a deeper level and inspire positive change.

Their collaboration represents a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds and experiences, adding depth and authenticity to their music. With their diverse perspectives, they are able to connect with audiences from different walks of life, forging a universal appeal.

Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy

Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy’s live performances are renowned for their high-energy and engaging nature. From choreographed dance routines to interactive stage presence, they create an electric atmosphere that leaves audiences yearning for more. Their visually stunning performances are a sight to behold and perfect for captivating readers through video features or live concert reviews.

Their catchy tracks have been steadily gaining popularity on various music streaming platforms, fostering a dedicated and ever-expanding fanbase. With their genre-bending music, they attract listeners who appreciate their unique sound and style.

In terms of influences, Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy draw inspiration from artists who have captured the essence of daily life and the world around them. From the raw authenticity of Bob Marley and Vybz Kartel’s poetic storytelling to the rhythmic innovations and soulful melodies of Prince and Michael Jackson, these artists have deeply impacted their musical journey. Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy strive to incorporate their sense of musicality and authenticity into their own compositions.

Having performed in various shows and events across Sierra Leone, the UK, and Sweden, Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy have connected with diverse audiences, shaping their musical style and stage presence. Their songs have reached listeners worldwide, including prominent radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional genres, Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy are passionate about creating experimental music that resonates with diverse audiences. Their unique sound fuses the infectious rhythms of dancehall and reggaeton with the dynamic beats and lyricism of hip-hop. They constantly explore new sonic landscapes, incorporate unconventional instruments, and experiment with production techniques, aiming to defy conventional categorization and create a fresh and exciting musical experience.

One of their primary objectives is to challenge the norms and expectations within the music industry, believing that embracing experimentation leads to groundbreaking creations. Their commitment to pushing creative boundaries extends beyond their music to create visually captivating experiences for their audience through live performances, music videos, and collaborations with talented artists from various disciplines. They firmly believe in the convergence of music, art, and technology, opening up endless possibilities.

Depo K and Mista SaloneBoy’s latest single, “Want You,” is a Reggaeton, Afrobeat, Dembow love song that celebrates the magic of falling in love. With its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, it serves as an ode to the timeless power of love, enduring through thick and thin, and growing stronger over time. Its soulful vocals and passionate delivery resonate with anyone who has experienced the beauty of love.

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Chicago-based composer and guitarist Cam Cunningham, known for his work with Cordoba, unveils his solo project Jeezel Petes with the release of the highly anticipated EP “Missed It.” Combining elements of shoegaze, post-punk, math rock, and art rock, Jeezel Petes presents a unique and captivating musical experience.

Jeezel Petes

The EP’s title track, “Missed It,” delves into the feeling of being born into a world where cracks have already begun to form, where everything appears intact but the garden has been stripped bare. Cunningham’s haunting vocals intertwine with synthetic sounds, creating a post-industrial soundscape. The cascading shoegazey guitars add a touch of melancholy, reminiscent of an abandoned building. With a driving bassline and punchy rhythm, the song carries the spirit of classic post-punk.

Mastered by Steve Marek, known for his work with Monobody and NNAMDÏ, “Missed It” showcases Jeezel Petes’ meticulous attention to detail and sonic exploration. The EP serves as the debut release of Jeezel Petes, and it marks the first of five EPs that will be released throughout the year, each featuring a different vocalist.

The project was made possible by a generous grant from the city of Chicago’s DCASE, highlighting the recognition and support Jeezel Petes has garnered within the local music scene. Cam Cunningham’s previous project, Cordoba, has received acclaim from various publications, including Bandcamp, PASTE, Post-Trash, and American Songwriter.

Jeezel Petes’ EP “Missed It” offers a glimpse into the artist’s evocative and multifaceted sound. With a blend of genres and a distinct sonic identity, Jeezel Petes is poised to captivate listeners with their introspective and atmospheric compositions. The EP’s poignant lyrics resonate with those who have experienced a sense of longing and loss:

“And the garden leaves us some
Only some
But it’s picked clean.”

Stay tuned for Jeezel Petes’ upcoming releases as they continue to push the boundaries of their musical exploration and enchant audiences with their unique vision.

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Brazilian-born and France-based independent musician, Dan Szyller, invites listeners on an extraordinary sonic voyage with his awe-inspiring composition, “Interstellar (Voyager 1).” This remarkable piece serves as the grand finale on his highly acclaimed debut album, “The Celestial Immigrant,” showcasing Szyller’s profound love for music and his diverse range of influences.

Dan Szyller

Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like The Doors, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd, Szyller pays homage to NASA’s legendary Voyager 1 space probe, which has been exploring the depths of the outer Solar System and interstellar space for an astonishing 45 years and 9 months. This cosmic odyssey serves as a captivating muse for Szyller’s musical creation.

“The Celestial Immigrant” has garnered widespread praise, with critics commending Szyller’s innovative songwriting, instrumental mastery, and audacious musicality. Boasting over 100k streams on Spotify and receiving glowing reviews from esteemed publications, Szyller stands on the precipice of an exciting new chapter in his musical journey.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of artistic growth, Szyller seeks fresh frontiers and opportunities to further expand his musical horizons. Anticipate enthralling melodies and a fusion of influences that will continue to captivate audiences on a global scale. Prepare to embark on Szyller’s musical odyssey as he fearlessly explores uncharted territories, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving music industry. Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter in his musical saga.

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Introducing a rising star in the music industry, Alex Lipinski, whose talent and passion have caught the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. Fresh off an incredible European tour supporting Marc Almond, Lipinski has just inked his first record deal with Marquee Records, and his debut single, ‘Idiot Station,’ is set to captivate audiences everywhere.

Alex Lipinski

Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Lennon and Orbison, Lipinski’s music possesses a unique quality that resonates with listeners. Rock n Reel Magazine describes his sound as a fusion of the best elements from the past, effortlessly blending them with his own style. And Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 praises Lipinski’s songs for their ability to sweep you away on a captivating journey.

With support from industry icons like Liam Gallagher, collaborations with Bonehead, and personal recognition from Evan Dando, it’s clear that Lipinski is making a significant impact on the music scene. Now, with the backing of Marquee Records, he releases ‘Idiot Station,’ a thought-provoking track that critiques the shallowness of modern mainstream culture. The production, helmed by Michael Smith, renowned for his work with Wolf Alice and Elvis Costello, adds a touch of brilliance to the song.

To celebrate the release, Lipinski returns to the UK, treating audiences to intimate, semi-acoustic sets at various locations, including a special appearance at Manchester’s Microdot, thanks to a friendly request from Brian Cannon and Bonehead. With each performance, Lipinski showcases his artistry and solidifies his reputation as an analog artist in a digital world.

Marquee Records couldn’t be prouder to welcome Alex Lipinski to their esteemed roster of talent. ‘Idiot Station’ is now available on all major digital platforms, marking an exciting chapter in Lipinski’s promising career. As he continues to navigate the complexities of our modern world through his music, prepare to embark on a captivating journey filled with poignant lyrics and captivating melodies. Alex Lipinski is an artist destined for greatness, and this is only the beginning.


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