Moose Wrench, the enigmatic trio of lost souls from distant realms, has emerged from the shadows to present their thunderous debut single, “Not Dead Yet.” Released on June 15, 2023, this relentless anthem encapsulates the essence of dad-bod alt-core, leaving listeners craving more of their captivating sonic universe.

From the very first notes, Moose Wrench showcases their prowess with Craig Robertson’s mesmerizing keytar melodies blending seamlessly with Colin Sutton’s pulsating bass lines and Thom Gardner’s commanding drum beats. The result is an existential alt-metal experience that resonates deeply with essential life struggles, bringing forth themes of resilience and the refusal to succumb to adversity.

Moose Wrench

“Not Dead Yet” is an electrifying testament to Moose Wrench’s unique musical vision. The track’s intense energy and infectious hooks invite listeners to embrace their inner rebellious spirit and roar along with the defiant lyrics. It’s a rallying cry for those who refuse to be defined by society’s expectations and instead choose to revel in their own authenticity.

Recorded and mixed by the acclaimed Rob Slater at Greemount Studios in Leeds, “Not Dead Yet” exudes a raw and organic sound that captures the essence of Moose Wrench’s ferocious live performances. Mastered by Motto Sound, the production ensures that every intricacy of their explosive sound is unleashed with maximum impact.

Moose Wrench’s influences shine through in their genre-bending approach, drawing inspiration from avant-garde icons like Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Primus, Ween, and Sleeptime Gorilla Museum. It’s a testament to their artistic integrity that they weave these influences into a sound that is uniquely their own, defying categorization and pushing the boundaries of alt-core.

Beyond their musical prowess, Moose Wrench’s journey is shrouded in intrigue and fascination. From their chance encounter in Leeds following a mind-warping escapade through the Nevada desert, to their infamous debut performance at Leeds Hyde Park Unity Day, their mystique only adds to the allure of their music.

As Moose Wrench embraces their mid-life suffering, they do so with unwavering authenticity and a healthy dose of humor. Their message is clear: age disgracefully, raise your voice, and dress accordingly. With “Not Dead Yet,” they invite listeners to shed societal expectations, revel in their individuality, and boldly declare their presence in the world.

Moose Wrench has arrived, and their debut single is an unapologetic battle cry. Brace yourself for their upcoming shows in Leeds, including the highly anticipated launch party at Wharf Chambers on the release day, featuring special guests Multivac. This is only the beginning of what promises to be a thrilling musical odyssey from a band poised to challenge the status quo.

In the words of Craig himself, “There is no such thing as too much…more is more!” So, crank up the volume, let the primal energy of Moose Wrench wash over you, and embrace the unstoppable force that is their music.

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In the realm of phonk production, prodz.otosan reigns as a true luminary. With several years of experience under their belt, this talented solo artist has consistently delivered an impressive catalog of aggressive and motivating tracks. While their focus predominantly lies in these high-energy compositions, they also have a knack for crafting chill and house-infused phonk masterpieces.

In their latest offering, prodz.otosan presents a mesmerizing track that boasts a unique Asian-style melody, perfectly balanced with the relentless energy and bass-driven essence that defines drift-phonk. The seamless integration of these distinct elements showcases prodz.otosan’s exceptional talent for genre fusion and highlights their commitment to pushing boundaries.


Inspired by the likes of playaphonk, shadxwbxrn, kute, and raizhell, prodz.otosan has forged a sound that captures the essence of their influences while adding their own creative flair. Reviews from fans and critics alike have praised prodz.otosan’s work, with one enthusiast proclaiming, “The melody is so perfect, a banger phonk track. Keep it up!” The undeniable hype generated by their compositions further solidifies prodz.otosan’s position as a rising force in the phonk scene.

Recorded in Germany under prodz.otosan’s meticulous supervision, the single is a testament to their dedication to honing their craft. Their attention to detail and involvement in every aspect of the production process ensure a flawless final result that captivates listeners.

As prodz.otosan continues to evolve and explore new sonic territories, fans can eagerly anticipate more boundary-pushing creations. With an impressive ability to infuse Asian melodies seamlessly into their compositions while maintaining the signature energy of drift-phonk, prodz.otosan’s future releases are destined to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.

prodz.otosan’s unique blend of aggression, motivation, and captivating Asian melodies sets them apart as a visionary in the phonk realm. Their ability to create immersive sonic experiences is a testament to their artistic prowess and commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

So, buckle up and embark on a sonic journey with prodz.otosan, where captivating melodies intertwine with pulsating basslines, delivering an experience that will leave you craving more.


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Harmony Dreamers, an internationally acclaimed group, is set to enchant young listeners with their latest single and accompanying video for the kids’ song “The Most Unheard of Thing.” Crafted for an upcoming documentary, this delightful composition draws inspiration from The Beatles’ timeless classic, “Yellow Submarine.”

Harmony Dreamer

With its chorus chanting, “The most unheard-of thing, the most unheard-of thing, the most unheard-of thing… I ever heard of,” the song embraces a whimsical and imaginative narrative that will undoubtedly find a place in every kids’ music playlist. Its upbeat tempo and light-hearted verses are guaranteed to bring joy to children’s faces, enticing them to sing and dance along.

The music video accompanying “The Most Unheard of Thing” is a visual feast, featuring vibrant animals and playful characters that interweave with the song’s storyline, adding a captivating visual dimension to the experience.

Harmony Dreamers’ latest release showcases their commitment to providing engaging and enjoyable music for children. Building on the success of their previous songs, such as “Summertime Memory” and “Sophie and Pearl,” this talented group continues to make a significant impact in the children’s music market.

Harmony Dreamers’ transcendent album, “I Come From Earth,” is a testament to their ability to unify artists from every continent, resulting in a remarkable collaboration featuring over 20 international backup singers. Drawing comparisons to legendary bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Steely Dan, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, Harmony Dreamers’ profound message of unity and love resonates throughout their music.

Parents and educators seeking engaging and enjoyable music for children should not miss Harmony Dreamers’ new kids’ song and video, “The Most Unheard of Thing.” With its infectious melody and imaginative lyrics, this release promises to become a cherished favorite for both kids and adults alike, reinforcing the group’s reputation as a leading force in the realm of children’s music.

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Brisbane’s electro-pop duo, Alta Falls, makes a triumphant return with their latest single, a captivating collaboration featuring the talented vocalist and producer, Michael Mayo, hailing from Connecticut.

Drawn to Alta Falls’ previous record, ‘Rain,’ which caught his attention on a popular Spotify playlist, Michael was compelled to infuse his soulful voice and production expertise into the track. The result is a transformative reimagining that resonates with breathtaking beauty and emotional depth, exploring the intricacies of relationships and mental health.

Alta Falls

Describing their initial encounter, Matthew, one half of the duo, recalls, “Michael reached out to us and said he was addicted to our song ‘Rain’ and had ideas for a remix. We were absolutely floored by what we heard. His voice is otherworldly, and I still get goosebumps every time I hear the second verse and outro.”

Their collaboration, “I Can See Your Face Through The Rain (feat. Michael Mayo),” is an introspective journey through the hurdles of vulnerability in a budding relationship. Brooding synths convey the fears and uncertainties while building towards an uplifting crescendo of harmonies, symbolizing unconditional acceptance and self-discovery.

“I Can See Your Face Through The Rain” serves as the crowning jewel on Alta Falls’ highly anticipated sophomore EP, aptly titled ‘Wild Dreams.’ The EP, comprising five tracks, showcases the duo’s talent for crafting infectious, nostalgia-infused pop melodies enhanced by retro-inspired textures, lush instrumentation, and profoundly evocative lyrics.

Reuniting with producer Aidan Hogg (known for his work with G Flip, Jaguar Jonze, and Holy Holy) and drummer Sebastian ‘Baz’ Jennings Hingston (from Tia Gostelow), Alta Falls has once again assembled a formidable team to bring their musical vision to life.

Following a successful national tour in late 2022, Alta Falls is excited to announce their upcoming hometown show in Brisbane on June 3rd at The Loft, West End, where they will celebrate the launch of the ‘Wild Dreams’ EP. This eagerly awaited release reaffirms Alta Falls’ position as a rising force in the electro-pop scene.


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