Introducing the enigmatic and talented R&B artist known as “July,” whose latest release, “Circus,” has captured the hearts of listeners who appreciate the rich sounds of R&B and neo-soul. With its soul-stirring melodies and captivating lyrics, “Circus” showcases July’s ability to infuse classic R&B elements with a fresh wave of innovation, creating a truly memorable musical experience.

July’s previous releases, including the critically acclaimed “Pokey Lights,” have solidified his position as an emerging force in the music industry. “Pokey Lights” exemplifies July’s versatility as an artist, with its infectious beats and catchy hooks that invite listeners to move and groove.

Now, July unveils his highly anticipated upcoming release, “Medicated.” With this new track, July demonstrates that simplicity can be the key to greatness. Through a refreshingly simple melody and a powerful performance, “Medicated” captures the essence of a truly memorable song, inspiring audiences and telling stories through the language of music.

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Introducing Vallac, the renowned DJ and producer hailing from the vibrant city of Milan, who is set to release a series of nostalgic, summer-infused tracks that pay homage to the iconic sounds of the 90s. With his solid career in the music industry, Vallac has captivated audiences with his unique blend of infectious beats and melodic hooks.


The upcoming releases, scheduled for June 22 and July, are a testament to Vallac’s desire to transport listeners back to his own memories as a teenager, evoking a sense of unity, joy, and connection. With “alone 2night,” Vallac explores the power of music as a unifying force, capable of moving and inspiring people on both the dance floor and in the solitude of their own spaces.

This track serves as a reminder that music has the ability to save us, freeing our minds and igniting our imaginations. It invites us to embrace the rhythm and indulge in the freedom of expression that dancing brings.

Join Vallac on this musical journey as he invites us all to dance tonight, celebrating the enchanting power of music that knows no boundaries.

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Introducing 7HO3NIX, the Billboard charting singer-songwriter-producer also known as Gabrielle Solange, who has emerged from a tumultuous journey to reclaim her place in the music scene. With a captivating story that began as a former runaway and foster care survivor, 7HO3NIX found fame in Hollywood as part of the band Fatty Koo and a reality TV show on BET. However, the magic soon faded, leading to a decade of silence and self-discovery.


Now, under the name 7HO3NIX, she has released her second single of 2023 titled “Touch Me with Your Words,” showcasing a sexier side and embracing her authentic self. This independent artist, once confined to fitting into a predetermined box, now embraces the freedom to create music that resonates deeply with her heart and experiences.

“Touch Me with Your Words” explores the possibilities of romance and the power of intentional expression. It’s a breakthrough moment for 7HO3NIX, as she reimagines a loving relationship filled with intimacy and fulfillment. The song captures vulnerability, daringness, and the blissful healing that comes from opening oneself up to new possibilities.

Collaborating with Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Mark Abrams, 7HO3NIX ensures the song’s sound is perfected to deliver an immersive experience. With a renewed sense of purpose and the support of trusted professionals, she is ready to share her story and find her audience once again.

Despite the absence of label support, 7HO3NIX remains busy, juggling various roles in the arts industry while staying dedicated to her music. Vocal coaching, freelance writing, brand ambassador work, speaking engagements, and managing social media profiles are just some of the endeavors she undertakes. Her passion for creating music and film projects with youth adds another layer to her already diverse portfolio.

Through it all, 7HO3NIX remains grateful for the journey she has embarked on, acknowledging the challenges and blessings that have shaped her life. Her unwavering determination to fulfill the promises she made to herself as a young foster kid continues to fuel her pursuit of artistic excellence.

As 7HO3NIX promotes “Touch Me with Your Words” and strategizes how to share her comeback story, she invites listeners to fall in love with the song and connect with her on a deeper level. It’s an exploration of love languages and the profound impact that words can have on our lives.

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Introducing FUTURE BABY, an awesome modern rock band that originated in London and is now making waves in the vibrant city of Brighton. Originally formed as a university project in 2021, this talented group realized their potential and decided to pursue music beyond their academic endeavors. The current lineup consists of Ian, who handles vocals and production, and Tom, a skilled guitarist and bassist. However, exciting news is on the horizon as they actively seek additional members to join their musical family.


When it comes to musical influences, FUTURE BABY draws inspiration from a diverse range of bands. Their sound encompasses the powerful modern rock vibes of acts like Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves, as well as the indie charm of groups like Everything Everything. This fusion of styles allows them to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

Their latest release, “Bones,” takes their rock sound to new depths. Infused with darker tones and thought-provoking existential themes, the track showcases their ability to deliver an intense and distorted guitar-driven experience. With “Bones,” FUTURE BABY wanted to demonstrate their versatility and artistic depth, signaling that they won’t be confined to a single musical style. Each release promises to offer a different sonic journey, from fun and danceable indie rock to hard-hitting and powerful anthems, reflecting their ever-changing creative moods.

“Bones” was a collaborative effort between Ian and Tom. Ian contributed the lyrics and presented a rough musical concept, which they further developed together in their home studio located in Brighton. Their creative energy flowed relentlessly, resulting in a song that was written, recorded, and perfected within a few days. With a quick turnaround, “Bones” was expertly mastered and set for release just a week later, showcasing FUTURE BABY’s commitment to their craft and their ability to channel their artistic vision into a polished musical product.

But this is only the beginning for FUTURE BABY. With a plethora of exciting music in the works and plans to expand their band lineup, they are poised for a remarkable journey in the music industry. Join them now to be part of their thrilling ride by following them on social media. Stay tuned as FUTURE BABY’s undeniable talent and unstoppable rise in the rock music scene are set to captivate audiences worldwide. Don’t miss out on this electrifying musical odyssey—it’s going to be a wild and unforgettable experience.

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