The upcoming release from this band is undoubtedly their magnum opus, showcasing a remarkable evolution in their musical journey while staying true to their hard rock roots. This audacious anthem, “Pull Me Down,” is a testament to their growth as both musicians and songwriters. “Pull Me Down” is an electrifying track, characterized by relentless riffs, a melodic finesse, and an epic quality that makes it the perfect companion for an intense workout, a sing-along session, or a road trip with the wind in your hair. It exudes the band’s unwavering commitment to their rock heritage, with a fresh and invigorating twist.

Solar Flare Sunset

Comprising three members, the band’s journey began in 2016, and they’ve since solidified their influences that include iconic rock acts like Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, and many more. Their energetic live performances have graced venues like the Lion’s Lair, marking their presence on the rock scene. In a quirky twist, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Ethan Everhart, also dabbles in stand-up comedy, adding a layer of humor to their dynamic persona. “Pull Me Down” serves as an anthem for confronting the excuses we make for not reaching our full potential. Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios, it’s worth noting that this track features the last performance of the band’s original drummer, Raul Espinoza, before his departure.

In the words of the band members themselves, “Pull Me Down” is more than just a song; it’s an unapologetic call to action, daring you to break free from your limitations and soar to your full potential. So, crank up the volume, let the riffs take you higher, and let this electrifying anthem ignite your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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The latest release from this dynamic father-son duo encapsulates the essence of rock and an infectious, upbeat energy that’s hard to resist. With James Brown as the commanding vocalist and lyricist and Paul Brown skillfully handling all guitars, their synergy results in a captivating musical experience. Notably, the drumming is masterfully programmed in the studio, adding an electronic element to their sonic palette.

James & Paul

This pair, inspired by artists like Muse, Simon & Garfunkel, and Blink 182, has already made waves in the music scene with four songs played on the renowned Amazing Radio station. Their track “Blinded” even achieved an impressive 7th place in the N1M indie chart, showcasing their talent. With over a dozen songs on Spotify, each garnering more than 1,000 plays, it’s clear that their music has struck a chord with an ever-growing audience.

Their latest single exudes a youthful, rock-infused charm, echoing the style of Green Day and Blink 182, and stands as a testament to their musical evolution. As a little-known fact, during the recording of one of their songs, James sang from a wheelchair due to a gymnastics accident, displaying his unwavering dedication to their craft. This track encapsulates the universal theme of aging, wrapped in a high-energy, catchy package. Its infectious melodies and James’ remarkable harmonies add depth and vibrancy to the song. With the support of their dedicated producer, Ollie, at Blast Studios in Newcastle, they’ve brought this rock anthem to life. In the words of the duo, the journey of this song, which began as a slow melodic piece, has transformed into an exuberant, upbeat track that’s bound to resonate with rock enthusiasts worldwide. With a growing body of work and an ever-enthusiastic fan base, the future indeed looks promising for this talented pair.

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Keepers of Humanity, the piano-forward Alternative Rock band hailing from San Francisco, has just dropped their latest musical endeavor, ‘Pansori.’ This 5-track EP is a magnificent blend of emotions and experiences, showcasing the band’s ability to tell captivating stories through music. Released under Rockstone Records, ‘Pansori’ offers a deep dive into themes of honoring familial roots, finding solace in love, and the complexities of fulfilling parental expectations.

Keepers of Humanity

The title of the EP, ‘Pansori,’ takes its inspiration from the ancient Korean art of rhythmic storytelling. The music found in ‘Pansori’ is a multi-dimensional journey, delving into various facets of the human experience, with all its joys, sorrows, and contradictions. It invites listeners to connect with Keepers of Humanity on a more profound level, resonating with the band’s journey and ethos. In the words of guitarist Steven Bonaccorso, “With an eclectic mix of genres, ‘Pansori’ constantly surprises listeners with inviting yet immediate songs that hold your attention from start to finish.” This EP showcases their musical evolution, challenging listeners’ expectations and pushing their sound in new and exciting directions.

The opening track, “Intersection,” sets the tone with its exploration of the need to break free and be authentic. It’s an upbeat song with killer guitar riffs and sweet, girl-next-door vocals from Jean Nanjo, lead singer of the band. The EP also features tracks like “No Greater,” “Pansori,” “Cosmic Mind,” and “Fantasy at Daybreak,” each offering a unique journey through Keepers of Humanity’s musical landscape. ‘Pansori’ is a musical revelation, combining a wide array of genres, from blues and punk to ambient and classical. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to weave different musical threads into a harmonious and immersive experience, inviting listeners to rock out, contemplate life, and revel in true love, all within one captivating sonic journey.


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Matyascorvinus, a name that resonates with fans of Musosoup, is back with a more substantial release, “Across The Acheron.” This EP marks a significant step in Matyascorvinus’ journey, following the success of three previous singles – “In Solitude,” “Tree Of Life,” and “Her Shadow In The Flame.” These singles garnered overwhelming positivity, extensive features, and secured spots on over a hundred playlists.


Matyascorvinus, known for crafting music born from profound emotions, often touching on the hardships of life and elements of Gothic imagery, presents a new EP that continues this tradition. “Across The Acheron” delves into a period of severe burnout that profoundly affected Matyascorvinus’ life, pausing it for an extended duration. This challenging phase added an extra layer of complexity to the songwriting, extending over months during recording and mixing. However, the result is a success story, a testament to human resilience and recovery. The EP is further enriched by a background story, inspired by the 1897 expedition to Antarctica, known as the voyage of Belgica. This expedition was marked by extreme bravery, accompanied by elements of madness. The age of sail ships and early polar explorations serves as a backdrop for this new Matyascorvinus creation, infusing it with a sense of horror and hardship, creating a miniature soundtrack for this historic journey.

“Across The Acheron” also serves as an allegory for the end of life, a reminder of the limits we all face – a “Memento mori,” as the old artists used to say. However, the EP’s tone is far from negative; it is a story of recovery and a celebration of life. Just as the Belgica’s journey was completed despite immense suffering and loss, Matyascorvinus’ EP embarks on a journey from darkness to light. Matyas’ journey into music began with the ukulele, an instrument that captured his heart over six years ago. The ukulele’s unique expressiveness intrigued him, leading to a period of experimentation and a reinvention of classical pieces by composers like Bach. This eventually led him to the guitar, where he initially played it as an extended ukulele. These early experiences paved the way for Matyas’ journey as Matyascorvinus. While classical guitar training from decades ago provided a foundation, Matyas followed his intuition, ignoring traditional music theory, and creating music guided by the pursuit of beauty, serenity, and simplicity. His compositions often carry an undercurrent of sorrow, drawing from the realms of death metal and Gothic imagery.Matyas has achieved recognition and success in his musical endeavors, producing numerous recordings that are available on major streaming platforms. With his latest EP, “Across The Acheron,” Matyascorvinus continues to captivate listeners, offering a unique blend of emotions, darkness, and light, drawing inspiration from both the beauty and the enigmatic aspects of life and nature.


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