In the world of Indie Rock, “Trash Palas,” a new duet is making music that captures the ups and downs of life. Trash Pals was made by childhood friends Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider and is now known as Artist. Their first song, “Dust It Off,” shows their belief in accepting the difficulties of life. It inspires people to get up. It doesn’t matter how deep they fall. It was recorded in one take at Matter Music in Los Angeles.

                                                                                         TRASH PALS

Their song combines old and new styles that create a mixture of innovation and nostalgia. Conor has worked with Brasstracks and Chance the Rapper, while Gave has experience with Wynton Marsalis, which has given their music exceptional depth. They haven’t performed at big festivals yet, but their local shows in LA are getting attention. Gabe’s performances at international jazz festivals and Conor’s production work with famous artists show that Trash Pals is going to become a big name in music.

Gabe enjoys surfing, and Conor paints his way through life, inviting us to join their journey of self-discovery and honest expression. Through their single, they give us a message that life is like paint, just “Dust It Off” with a new color.

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