Nolo Grace, a music artist, has released a new song called “Eyes of the Dragon.” This electronic pop song, produced by Martin Wave, helps listeners think deeply about themselves and discover their true selves. The song talks about the good and bad sides of people and encourages listeners to be strong and wise like a dragon. It helps people see themselves in a new way.

                                                                                    NOAH CASTRO

Nolo Grace says her song “Eyes of the Dragon” is about change and the many sides of ourselves. She thinks we are complex beings with different parts like our best selves, our hidden selves, and our inner child. The song reminds us that we can connect with our best selves to see ourselves and the world in a bigger and better way. Nolo Grace’s music is a mix of electronic and pop sounds with soulful vocals and experimental beats. Her songs often talk about losing something, healing, and changing. She writes about her own life experiences, including a tough childhood and a successful career in finance before becoming a musician. Nolo Grace’s story shows how strong and resilient she is. Nolo Grace’s music has been on the Netflix show “Bling Empire.” She has worked with other artists to write and produce songs.

Nolo Grace also started a community called PARASOL, where people can come together to share ideas, be creative, and help each other grow. Nolo Grace’s new song “Eyes of the Dragon” is part of her upcoming album, which is about changing and growing. You can listen to the song on music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

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