DropJaw Jacobites is a special band that has been making music for a long time. They are finally releasing their first album, “Rogue Taxidermy”. The band has three members: Wave, Elvis, and Vlad. They all play different instruments like guitars, bass, and drums. They are excited to share their music with everyone.

                                                              DROPJAW JACOBITES

Wave and Elvis, who are cousins, started making music together in 2002 after a late night in Amsterdam. They added Vlad to the band later. Their music is inspired by many different artists, including Tom Waits, Mike Patton, and others. They like many styles of music and want to create something new and unique. “Rogue Taxidermy” is a special album that explores deep themes like death, sex, and life’s big questions. The music is a mix of blues, psychedelia, art rock, and experimental sounds. The album was recorded in many studios around the world and features contributions from unknown musicians. It’s a unique and creative work.

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The band wants to make music that makes people think and feel something new. They call their songs “kidney stones” because they’re raw and honest, like something they had to get out. Even though they started out underground, DropJaw Jacobites are now ready to share their special music with everyone.

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