Divine Nation is a music group that combines beautiful words, spiritual thoughts, and raw energy. Their new album, “Enchantment”,  showcases their special style and meaningful lyrics. The band has two members: Paul Connor, a singer, and Jezz Watson, a musician. They started as friends in a town called Hebden Bridge and later formed a band together.

                                                                                     DIVINE NATION

Divine Nation’s music is inspired by famous musicians like Davis, Coltrane, and Bowie. Their music is a unique mix of styles, both beautiful and meaningful. They are well-known in Glasgow for playing at big shows and festivals. The band can laugh at life’s silly moments while working hard on their music. They call themselves “giantslayers”, showing they’re strong and can joke about it. Their music tries to help people deal with life’s tough times. The band made “Enchantment” in Hebden Bridge with Jezz Watson’s help. They finished it in three days, which shows they work hard and get things done. They cared more about making good songs than being famous.

The album has a spiritual message to inspire and make listeners feel good. The band gets good reviews. People say they tell the truth and have a bright future. The band’s music is a thank-you to the people who helped them. They want listeners to enjoy their music and join them on their journey.

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