Mad Painter is a band with a diverse style, and they have been making waves in music by combining 70s rock influences with a modern touch. Their new single, “Empty Bottles,”  shows how they mix nostalgia with the current phase and connect with listeners of all ages.

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The band includes Alex Gitlin on keyboards and vocals, Al Nahabedian on guitar, Kenne Highland on bass, Al Hendry on drums, and backing vocals by Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine. They started their musical journey in Arlington, MA, beginning on the second floor of the Regent Theatre building, which became their creative hub. The music of Mad Painter is inspired by the energy of 1970s rock’n’roll, including garage, proto-punk, early heavy metal, and psychedelic rock. Their sound pays tribute to a time when music was more than what you listened to; it was something you experienced deeply. Mad Painter has performed on many stages and rocked at festivals such as Winter Tangle Fest in Kingston, NY, and Echo Fest in Cuddebackville, NY. They’re also well-known in the Boston area; their radio appearances and positive reviews help them spread their music.

Their performance in New York City on Labor Day was unforgettable. Their lyrics are filled with sharp humor, supported by a strong, fun, and refined musical base. “Empty Bottles,”  recorded in Peabody, MA, with producer Thomas Hamilton, captures parties of the 1970s and also the loneliness experienced during the 2020 lockdowns. It tells a story that carries a message of hope. Mad Painter’s story is filled with passion. Their music connects the past with the present, inviting listeners to celebrate the ups and downs of life while enjoying the rhythm of rock’n’roll.

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