Medivh, a music duo, has a new song called “Dead Silly Man”. It’s a mix of electronic and rock music, and it’s getting a lot of attention. Their last song, “Down in Flames”,  was a big hit around the world. This new song combines old and new styles, like New Wave and synth pop, to create a unique sound that’s both modern and nostalgic. The song “Dead Silly Man” starts with a strong beat that gets your attention. Then, special sounds called synths and arpeggiators join in, creating a rhythm that’s hard to ignore. The lead singer’s powerful voice adds to the energy, making the song exciting and emotional. As the melody grows, it leaves a lasting impression on the listener, showing just how catchy and memorable the song is.


“Dead Silly Man” is a song with a story. It’s about people’s lives and the struggles we face. The lyrics talk about how we balance what we want with what’s real. It’s about whether to give up or fight when things get tough. The song also thinks about guilt, making excuses, and the hard choices we make when life gets difficult. Medivh is a duo of brothers, Emmanuele and Tommaso, who make music that’s truly their own. They blend different styles like rock, progressive, and new wave to create a unique sound that’s both experimental and easy to listen to. Their creative production methods and one of a kind sounds create an atmosphere that’s perfect for when you’re feeling unsure or excited, like when you’re dreaming or facing your fears.

“Dead Silly Man” is a special song that demands attention. It’s a piece of music that needs to be heard, felt, and experienced. Medivh’s unique sound and brave lyrics continue to break music boundaries, showing that creativity has no limits. So, immerse yourself in Medivh’s music and let “Dead Silly Man” take you to a world where sound and emotion come together in perfect harmony.

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