Tidal Water, a band from Oslo, has a new song called “Imperfection”. It’s a punk rock song that says it’s okay to be different and that life can be messy. The song is a sneak peek at their upcoming album, “Polarity,”  and it’s already getting people excited for what will be a wild and energetic musical ride.

                                                                                         TIDAL WATER

Martin Hovden, the leader of Tidal Water, is not just a singer and songwriter. He’s a storyteller who uses the band’s music to share his thoughts on society and his own life. With “Imperfection”,  he and his bandmates Renato, Jims, and Markus create a bold sound that challenges the rules and is unafraid to be different. Tidal Water recorded their song “Imperfection” at a studio that helps them sound their best. The musicians work together really well, and each one adds something special to the music. Anesi brings a Brazilian style, Lehner is a great drummer, and Matland is a talented keyboard player.

Tidal Water’s song “Imperfection” is getting popular. The band is preparing to play live shows and release a new album called “Polarity”. They’re also making a shorter version of their song “Corrupted” for the radio because more and more people are becoming fans. Tidal Water’s song “Imperfection” is special. It’s a message to love ourselves just the way we are, imperfections and all. It’s for people who want to be different and stand out. So, play the song loud and proud! You’re not just listening to music; you’re joining a movement that says it’s okay to be imperfect.

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