Love Ghost is a rising band that has released their new 5-song EP called “SCREAM” on June 6th. The title track is produced by the famous Mexican hard rock artist Monde. He sets the stage for an EP full of energy and bulky intensity. Each song on the EP is a unique collaboration with different Mexican artists who are blending various styles and influencing listeners to engage.

                                                                                     LOVE GHOST

The EP includes six artists: Monde with the exciting “Scream,” El Verumcito’s “ROCKSTAR LIFESTYLE,” La Sinclair’s dreamy “Daydream,” Adhara, Helian Evans with the strong “Throw Down,” and 3 Angel’s intense “RAGE.” These tracks are much more than songs; they are stories told by music. Each story invites the audience into a different world. “SCREAM” is more than an EP; it’s a mix of different cultures and musical styles. Love Ghost has been praised by major publications like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter. Their recent European tour, including a performance at the Rockpalast festival, has boosted their reputation much more. Finnegan Bell, the band’s frontman, is in Mexico, working with many Latin artists and producers who have added new influences to Love Ghost’s music. They have more songs, and a full album will be released soon, along with a collaboration with Marilyn Manson’s guitarist and producer, Tim Skold. Love Ghost is set to make a big impact on the music industry.

“SCREAM” shows how passionate and promised Love Ghost is about their music and how they connect different cultures through their songs. It invites you to feel the intense emotions that music can bring out.

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