Emerging artist “Kejuanservin” has just dropped his original EP, aptly titled “Mode,” introducing us to a fresh perspective in the world of rap music. Kejuanservin’s journey in the rap scene began in earnest around 2018-2019, but his connection with music traces back to his early years, starting as young as 7. While still a rising talent, he brings a unique flavor to the genre.


Influenced by artists like Playboi Carti, Kejuanservin aspires to reach the pinnacle of hip-hop stardom, mirroring the iconic status achieved by his inspiration. His desire is to resonate with audiences on a massive scale, akin to the impact that artists like Playboi Carti have made. While the EP “Mode” is currently making waves, Kejuanservin’s journey has yet to include notable gigs, festival appearances, or radio and TV spots. However, one amusing anecdote from the early days involves Lultroop attending a Carti concert, already recognizing the emerging artist’s potential.

“Mode” was a project born in the confines of Kejuanservin’s room, with production handled solely by the artist himself. The EP is an introspective endeavor, a window into Kejuanservin’s life and experiences. In the tracks, you’ll find him candidly addressing personal events and emotions, using music as a form of catharsis. Kejuanservin has poured his thoughts and feelings into “Mode,” allowing listeners to connect with his journey and discover the stories he’s eager to share. For him, “Mode” is more than music; it’s a platform for venting, a window into his world, and an invitation for others to interpret and relate to his experiences in their own unique ways.

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London-based artist ndge, pronounced “nudge,” is back with a sizzling new release, “Sweetest Things.” This track marks the third offering from ndge in 2023, and if you’ve been following this artist’s journey, you’re in for a treat. Following the success of previous releases in February and May, “Sweetest Things” continues to push the boundaries of music genres. “Sweetest Things” is an electrifying blend of Synth Pop, Electropop, and Glam, with a generous dose of bold beats, powerhouse vocals, and infectious melodies. ndge’s attention to detail in the production is apparent, resulting in a truly epic tune.


The artist is on the lookout for press, reviews, playlist placements, video playlist features, and any other exciting opportunities from the musically connected community. While the budget might not be astronomical, the potential for great collaboration and work together is immense. ndge is a UK-based artist hailing from London and now calling Leicestershire home. Their music doesn’t fit neatly into any one category, which is precisely the point. With a passion for electronic pop music, ndge seeks to deliver a unique and distinctive sound to the world.

“Sweetest Things” is a song with a hint of irony in its title. It was originally meant to be “You say the Sweetest Things,” a tongue-in-cheek response to rude behavior. The track incorporates heavy synth lines reminiscent of the ’80s and ’70s glam funk pop, combined with bold and sultry beats that demand attention. ndge’s saturated and intense production leaves a lasting impact, making it impossible to ignore.ndge doesn’t conform to traditional gender norms and uses fashion to express their individuality. Their music, like their style, reflects a captivating blend of new and exciting sounds that defy categorization. This artist’s work is all about breaking boundaries and creating music that stands out from the mainstream trends. With ndge, expect the unexpected, and prepare to be captivated by electrifying sounds and unapologetic creativity.

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Experience the enigmatic world of “Old Soul,” a song that transcends genres and eras, brought to life by the solo artist who is anything but conventional. This track is an intensely personal journey through music, weaving together elements of Soul, Rnb, Jazz, Trip Hop, and Hip Hop, all enveloped in cinematic orchestration. It’s a modern and innovative piece with a nod to Hollywood’s golden age and the sultry allure of Nouvelle Vague Film Noir cinema.

Kelly Phoenix

The driving force behind this mesmerizing creation is a solitary artist with a vast vision. Phoenix, the artist in question, takes you on an evocative sonic adventure, leaving an indelible mark with “The Old Soul Experience.” Phoenix, a solo artist with a penchant for collaborative experimentation, has a wide array of influences that encompass Soul, Rnb, Jazz, Funk, and Brazilian music. With a history of performances in renowned venues across Paris, Los Angeles, and New York, Phoenix has already made a significant mark on the music scene.

Intriguingly, “Old Soul” serves as a portal into a realm of hypnotic shamanic retro vibes. Phoenix finds inspiration in the world of Film Noir and classic films like “Casablanca” and “Le Samourai.” The song is imbued with elements of jazz and a nod to the underground soul of the ’90s, encapsulated by the essence of George Michael’s “Spinning The Wheel.” This single is not merely about music; it’s a personal statement. “Old Soul” delves into the complexities of love, life, time, and the human condition. It’s a reflection of the artist’s genuine and heartfelt expression, drawing from personal experiences and emotions. The production of “Old Soul” is an intriguing story in itself. It began in Los Angeles, with Phoenix recording the vocals in his home studio. Collaborator Sergiu Gherman added a unique touch to the production, infusing the song with an enticing Hip Hop element. In Phoenix’s own words, “Time is everything. Time is precious. Time is fleeting.” “Old Soul” is a testament to the artist’s commitment to making the most of the present, an anthem to seize the day and to use every moment to fulfill one’s dreams and purpose. “Old Soul” is not just a song; it’s an experience, a revelation, and a testimony to the power of music in conveying the deepest of emotions and the complexities of human existence.

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