Mark Winters, the Texas-based indie-rock musician, has unveiled a captivating radio remix of his popular title track, “Boundary Layer.” This reimagined version takes a more aerodynamic approach, infusing the song with dynamic percussion elements, a tighter bridge, and delightful harmonies that invite listeners to join in.

Mark Winters

Acknowledging the adoration their fans have for “Boundary Layer” during live performances, Mark and his band have incorporated those beloved elements into this radio remix. The addition of harmonies in particular is a glimpse into the exciting future of their musical direction.

Mark Winters, a multi-faceted artist, effortlessly combines music with thoughtful and stirring poetry, resulting in a unique sound that can be likened to a fusion of John Mayer’s soulfulness and Tom Petty’s poetic sensibility. Infused with lively guitar riffs and memorable lyrics, Mark’s songs interpret life, uplift spirits, encourage, and inspire.

Drawing inspiration from musical influences like John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz, Mark’s creative process begins with poetry and imaginative inspiration. Using his “rocket-scientist brain,” he crafts musical structures that amplify the initial burst of creativity and emotion, akin to writing haikus, his favorite form of expression. Mark performs both as a solo/duo act and with his full band, known as Mark Winters and the Jetliners.

Mark Winters’ radio remix of “Boundary Layer” showcases his artistic evolution, while leaving listeners eager to explore more of his poetic and soulful musical offerings.

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Emerging from her recent release “Heartbreak?,” Faith Louise swiftly returns with her 9th single, a captivating offering titled “Your Love.” With its easy-listening appeal, this track proves to be yet another earworm that showcases Faith Louise’s exceptional vocals. Combining elements of EDM, bedroom pop, and a touch of the iconic 90s pop beat she’s renowned for, Faith continues to explore and excel in the realm of pop music.

Faith Louise

“Your Love” delves into the profound emotions experienced when in the throes of love. While many may have encountered tumultuous relationships, Faith Louise reminds us that the power of love can transform every aspect of our being, uplifting and instilling self-confidence. It is her hope that listeners will find resonance in this sentiment.

Hailing from Essex, UK, Faith Louise stands apart from the typical perception of “Teen Pop Sensations” propagated by mainstream media. With a unique blend of artistic talent, astute business acumen, and an extensive catalog of content, Faith has garnered a rapidly growing fanbase.

Having accumulated over half a million online streams across her 8 previous singles, Faith Louise has solidified her presence on social media, attaining verification on all platforms. Moreover, she is set to grace the stage alongside renowned names such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor, TopLoader, Natalie Imbruglia, Heather Small, and Sonique. Headlining at The Camden Assembly, Faith Louise is poised to become an unstoppable force throughout the season.

As recently quoted by MSN Entertainment, Faith Louise is proving herself to be a rising powerhouse in the pop scene. To connect with her and discover more of her music, follow @faithlouisemusic on all social media platforms.

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