Presenting a heartfelt anthem for those who feel they’ve given their all and have nothing left, Ameroux, a band of seasoned emo musicians, delivers a modern sound that pays homage to influential acts like Underoath and Thrice. With Zach Flory on vocals, Jon Schreiber and Taylor Greigh on guitars, Dylan Van Vleet on bass/vocals, and Garrett Mauter on drums, this multi-state collective brings together their talents to create compelling alternative rock.


Ameroux emerged during the COVID era, with members hailing from California, Texas, and Idaho. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, they collaborated online through platforms like Zoom, working with exceptional producers and crafting their music remotely. Drawing inspiration from the early 2010s emo, hardcore, and post-hardcore scenes, Ameroux infuses their compositions with nostalgic elements while adding their unique touch.

While Ameroux is relatively new as a band, the individual members boast notable experiences, having performed at renowned metal festivals alongside powerhouse acts like Killswitch Engage. Their professional lives encompass various fields, including medicine, law, and marketing, making their commitment to music a passion-driven endeavor that provides an emotional outlet. The band takes pride in their self-directed approach, handling everything from production to editing their music videos and playthroughs.

Receiving acclaim for their latest single, Ameroux has garnered enthusiastic feedback, with comments such as “Omg who is this! That intro!” and “Dang this rules” capturing the excitement surrounding their music. Taylor Hollingsworth handled tracking and audio engineering, while the talented Kris Krummet contributed his expertise in mixing and mastering, breathing life into their songs.

The essence of their latest release revolves around the idea of pouring oneself into life, only to feel completely depleted. It’s an exploration of the emotional emptiness akin to an empty gas tank, beautifully conveyed through their captivating soundscapes.

During the recording process, an intriguing incident occurred when guitarist Taylor flew in just a day before the guitar sessions commenced. In a burst of inspiration, the two guitarists decided to rewrite the guitar parts for the song, working late into the night to create something even more compelling than their original concept.

Taylor Greigh shares his sentiment, expressing that this particular song holds immense importance for Ameroux as a band. He also reveals that the story behind it stands out as one of the most memorable experiences he’s had throughout his fifteen years of playing in bands.

Ameroux’s dedication to their craft, their ability to adapt to a remote band lifestyle, and their unwavering commitment to self-expression through music highlight their passion and resilience. Keep an eye on this elder emo ensemble as they continue to captivate listeners with their evocative sound.

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Introducing AMONG THE MASSES, a captivating Swedish band that flawlessly embodies their country’s rich musical heritage. Their shared passion for guitar-driven bands like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Television, as well as iconic acts like Depeche Mode and The Cure, forms the foundation of their music. Blending new wave, rock, nostalgia, and the allure of the Eighties, this Stockholm-based group has found their secret weapon in acclaimed producer Andreas Ahlenius, affectionately known as the fifth member.


AMONG THE MASSES consists of David Liebe on vocals, Andrej Anderzon Möller on piano, keyboards, and programming, Mats Gabriel-Burman on bass, and Kent Alfredsson contributing heartfelt lyrics. Together, they create a harmonious fusion of sound and emotion that resonates worldwide.

With their original single “Utopia,” AMONG THE MASSES invites listeners into a world where melodies intertwine with poetic verses, guiding them on a sonic voyage through boundless imagination. Each member’s distinct talent contributes to a musical tapestry that captivates and enthralls.

Expect more captivating melodies and atmospheric compositions as AMONG THE MASSES continues to shape their musical vision, inspiring fans with their evocative sonic landscapes.

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Delving into the depths of raw emotion, this enigmatic musician uncovers a realm where genres intertwine and boundaries blur. Dave Belding, the mastermind behind the music, assumes multiple roles as vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist, sculpting a sonic landscape that defies convention. Influenced by the likes of Tool, Korn, Soundgarden, and Thrice, Belding fearlessly embraces unpredictability and uniqueness, weaving a tapestry of progressive elements.


Recorded in his home studio in Long Island, New York, this latest single showcases Belding’s prowess as a self-sufficient producer. Blending post-rock and shoegaze, with a touch of trip-hop-inspired drum production and innovative guitar tunings, the result is an experimental yet melodic journey into introspection.

Each composition bears the weight of self-reflection, exploring themes of personal growth, redemption, and the complexities of decision-making. Belding’s music acts as a cathartic diary, an outlet where buried emotions find solace.

The path to creative fulfillment was not without its challenges. After years of laboriously transforming a crawlspace into a music studio, a devastating flood swept everything away. Undeterred, Belding persevered, rebuilding from scratch. These trials serve as a constant reminder of the determination and sacrifice that define his musical journey.

In Belding’s own words, “Deserving and fairness have no place in life’s equation. Dreams should never be hindered by doubt. Follow your heart, your passion, your calling, your dreams.” With this release, he invites listeners to embark on a captivating sonic expedition, where vulnerability and resilience collide.

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In an electrifying collaboration, The Freight, alongside the exceptional vocalist Erin MacKenzie (known for her work with The Doped Up Dollies and Dropkick Murphy’s), breathe new life into Gwen Stefani’s iconic 2004 hit, “COOL.”

This revitalized rendition infuses a fresh rock/pop edge, appealing not only to avid fans of the original but also captivating new listeners. The Freight’s return to the studio with the immensely talented MacKenzie has yielded an extraordinary outcome. Brace yourself for the release of “COOL” on all streaming platforms come May 26th!

The Freight

With their unmistakable rock signature, The Freight and MacKenzie have elevated the song to new heights. Erin’s velvety-smooth vocals intertwine seamlessly with Adam Tiro’s, creating pure musical magic. Prepare to be swept away by this transformed masterpiece that pays homage to its nostalgic roots while capturing the hearts of those discovering it for the first time.

“Cool” is poised to be The Freight’s most monumental release to date. Don’t miss out on the exhilarating journey they have crafted. Follow their every move and join The Freight on their musical voyage. Mark your calendars for the sensational release of “COOL” on May 26th, available on all major streaming services.

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