Hailing from the vibrant city of Milan, Liv Crash is a musician driven by his passion for the guitar. Blending the melodic elements of rock, funk, and jazz, Liv Crash’s music is a unique fusion of genres. As the mastermind behind both the music and lyrics, Liv Crash’s upcoming single, “Wonderland,” allows him to showcase his prowess as a lead guitarist and vocalist.

Liv Crash

“Wonderland” delves into Liv Crash’s desire to embrace a rebellious persona and venture into a world of excitement. To build anticipation, he has been teasing micro-content on social media, strategically creating momentum leading up to the release. On May 5th, the official video will make its debut, followed by a performance video one week later.

With three singles already making waves, “Wonderland” is an integral part of Liv Crash’s highly anticipated debut album, set to be unleashed on July 7th. Liv Crash, primarily known for his guitar skills, aspires to reach audiences in the UK and USA, harboring dreams of becoming one of the world’s finest guitarists.

Liv Crash’s musical journey began at a young age, starting with piano lessons and later immersing himself in the world of rock music. Inspired by the likes of Dave Murray, Liv Crash developed a deep connection with the guitar, opting for a black and white American Fender Stratocaster, just like his idol.

Influenced by guitar legends such as David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, and John Petrucci, Liv Crash weaves captivating melodies with a clear theme in his songwriting. His debut single, “’Cause even in this song,” showcases his carefree attitude, injecting positivity and irony into his lyrics and compositions.

“Wonderland” marks a pivotal moment in Liv Crash’s musical journey, an invitation to join the celebration, let loose, and dance the night away. As his debut album “’Cause even in this album” approaches, set your calendars for July 7th and prepare to immerse yourself in Liv Crash’s captivating soundscape.


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London’s Rock ‘n’ Soul Superheroes, Near Death Experience (NDX), unleash a euphoric and electrifying new single that strikes with the force of a lightning bolt. Aptly titled “Lightning,” this captivating track grabs your attention right from the opening bars, enveloping you in a storm of exuberant vocals, soaring acoustic guitars, pulsating basslines, and crashing cymbals. The energy and excitement never waver.

Near Death Experience

As an anthem to resilience and seizing every moment, “Lightning” passionately urges listeners to embrace life’s challenges and overcome them triumphantly. With its straightforward and empowering message of never giving up, the song resonates with irresistible positivity. The lush indie jangle of the Sixties, combined with enchanting guitar motifs reminiscent of world music, infuses the track with an infectious spirit that inspires you to confront life head-on. There is no place to hide, as the lyrics remind us.

Immerse yourself in the yearning and euphoria of “Lightning,” ignited by a searing guitar solo that ignites the spirit. The infectious “hoo haas” return, propelling you forward, ready to face the day with renewed vigor. Remember, a single play of “Lightning” is all it takes to elevate your mood and remind you of the power within. Embrace the electrifying energy and let NDX guide you through the storm.

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Belgium’s very own Alterlight, deeply influenced by the iconic sounds of the 90s (Linkin Park, Coldplay, and more), presents their latest offering titled “Free.” Released through the esteemed label M&O, this song serves as a celebration of the freedom that emerges when a tumultuous relationship finally comes to an end. Collaborating with the talented sound engineer Lionel Capouillez, known for his work on Stromae’s recent albums, Alterlight infuses the track with captivating synths that evoke a summery vibe, while the lyrics invite the crowd to sing along.


“Fragments,” the vibrant and cohesive EP by Alterlight, is a rich tapestry of colorful compositions that showcase the band’s musical influences and journeys. Drawing inspiration from alternative rock in the 90s (Weezer, Placebo, Muse) and the sounds of the 2000s (Coldplay, Linkin Park, BMTH), each of the six tracks on the EP serves as an invitation to explore six unique snapshots of life through the band’s personal musical kaleidoscope. These fragments intertwine to form a captivating cycle of sound.

Receiving acclaim from Belgian outlets such as Rtbf culture, Metro, and Classic 21, as well as French publications like Rolling Stone and Heavy 1, “Fragments” and its accompanying music video for the track “Maniac” have made a lasting impression. The radio edit of Alterlight’s upcoming single, “Free,” expertly mixed in collaboration with Lionel Capouillez, is set to be unleashed on April 24, accompanied by a visually stunning music video. Prepare to embrace the captivating sounds of Alterlight and their musical journey as they resonate not only across Europe but also reach ears worldwide.

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Alex Krawczyk, a talented Canadian singer-songwriter, is ready to unveil her latest single, “Space Between Us,” which is scheduled to drop on Sunday, May 21st. As a nominee at the renowned Canadian Folk Music Awards, Krawczyk’s collaboration with producer Robbie Roth promises to captivate listeners with its inspiring lyrics and heartfelt melody.


With a strong presence in the Canadian folk music scene, Krawczyk is eager to share her fresh musical creation with her devoted followers. “Space Between Us” beautifully exemplifies the unifying power of music, transcending distances and bringing people closer together.

The song’s sincere and contemplative lyrics pay homage to the natural world while emphasizing the significance of embracing the connections we share. With her authentic vocals and emotionally driven songwriting, Krawczyk continues to solidify her position as one of Canada’s most promising folk musicians.

Fans can anticipate the release of “Space Between Us” on all major streaming platforms tomorrow. With its infectious melody and uplifting message, this single is an absolute must-listen for enthusiasts of Canadian folk music and beyond. Don’t miss out on this remarkable musical journey crafted by the talented Alex Krawczyk.

ABOUT ALEX KRAWCZYK: Having garnered over 350K Spotify streams and achieving chart success with multiple US radio singles, Alex Krawczyk emerged onto the folk music scene in 2022. Alongside her musical pursuits, Krawczyk actively contributes to charitable initiatives within her community. Although she prefers to stay out of the limelight, she remains dedicated to crafting new music that shares her message of hope and healing.

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