Carson Ferris delivers a spine-tingling musical experience with “Talkin’ to You,” a Halloween-themed song that goes beyond the typical spooky fare. Instead of werewolves or vampires, the song dives into the real-life fear of expressing one’s feelings and the potential for rejection. This hauntingly relatable track was initially conceived as a challenge for a Halloween-themed music festival, Buzzards and Bees. However, Carson Ferris, with a desire to create something more profound than supernatural themes, opted to explore the anxiety that comes with confessing feelings for someone when uncertain of their response.

The song’s production, helmed by Mykyl and Adam Turley, leans into the Halloween spirit with eerie vocal distortions and instrumentation reminiscent of horror soundtracks. Yet, it maintains an irresistible danceable beat and Carson’s smooth vocals, striking a unique balance between spookiness and pop appeal. “Talkin’ to You” captures the universal fear of rejection, making it relatable to anyone who’s faced a similar predicament. Carson encapsulates the essence of this fear, stating, “It’s super relatable because the fear of rejection is something that everyone has felt in one way or another.”

In contrast to his recent release “1999,” heavily influenced by late-’90s boy bands and pop divas, “Talkin’ to You” ventures into pop/rock territory, channeling artists like the Jonas Brothers, OneRepublic, and Ed Sheeran. The song’s versatility allows it to be enjoyed year-round, not just during the spooky season. Carson Ferris is a musical prodigy, starting his journey at the tender age of six when he chose the electric guitar as his instrument of choice. His music, influenced by the likes of Journey, OneRepublic, Ed Sheeran, and the Jonas Brothers, is accessible and relatable. With a remarkable career that began with his debut single “Can’t Be Without You” and the chance to perform with Donny Osmond, Carson Ferris is a young artist who’s poised to make a big impact in the music industry.

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Anjalts’ latest release, “Are U Ok,” is a compelling Pop-rock track that refuses to provide the tranquil ambiance of a day spa. Instead, it serves up a powerful experience with blaring rock guitars and pulsating drums that set the tone. What’s remarkable is that it’s not a full band producing this music, but a single versatile musician with a melodious voice that cuts through the grit and heartache, urging us to check in on those we care about. The song, with its gritty rock intro and melodic vocals, encourages self-reflection and reaching out to others. Anjalts shared her motivation for the song, saying, “When I wrote just the words ‘Are U Ok,’ I felt that reflective pause in that moment to simply check in with myself and those around me. There is so much we just don’t know, and we will figure it out in time. We will be Ok.”


“Are U Ok” is the latest release in a series of nineteen singles by Anjalts, following her expansive album project, “Air to Fire.” This new track is part of her forthcoming second album, ‘Bluency,’ which explores alternative soundscape with an audacious and surreal approach to songwriting. Anjalts, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, is boldly challenging conventional song arrangements while still resonating deeply with her audience.

She has honed her craft with ethereal tones and raw electric guitar sequences reminiscent of rock’s mystique. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, Anjalts has ambitious plans for the coming year, including the release of two albums, music videos, and an upcoming tour.”Are U Ok” is not just a song; it’s an evocative experience that challenges listeners to find their own meaning and reminds us that even in the direst circumstances, we can hold onto the best parts of ourselves to overcome life’s challenges.

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Jane N’ The Jungle is ready to bare their souls in their latest single “Cut Me Open,” . The accompanying lyric video will follow on October 31, delivering a passionate and fierce musical experience. The song delves into the emotions of new beginnings and the desire to measure up in the eyes of another.

In “Cut Me Open,” Jane N’ The Jungle channels a fiery anthemic sound that merges rock with the band’s unique signature style. The song is a blend of strength and vulnerability, echoing the theme of being created to please someone else, much like the bride of Frankenstein. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Jane N’ The Jungle is a modern rock powerhouse, unapologetically delivering heavy-hitting truths, loud guitars, and an infectious energy. Led by Jordan White’s compelling vocals and Brian Dellis’s muscular guitar work, the band’s music is a compelling mix of alternative rock, metal, and punk influences.

With their raw musicality and unwavering passion, Jane N’ The Jungle creates an electrifying experience that has garnered them a growing fanbase and critical acclaim. Their unique sound has received attention from various outlets, and they’ve shared the stage with notable acts such as Escape The Fate, Sammy Hagar & The Circle, and more. Endorsed by Gibson Guitars, they are a force to be reckoned with in the modern rock scene. “Cut Me Open” is set to captivate listeners and reinforce Jane N’ The Jungle’s position as a rising star in the rock world.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of music, artists often take it upon themselves to deliver messages that resonate with their audience. Joe Lington, an R&B-Soul artist, brings forth his thought-provoking album “Black Desire,” released in 2022. This musical journey is a tapestry of emotions, ranging from the soulful ballads “Je Pleure” and “Mamacita” to Afrobeat and Dance House, all intertwined with multilingual lyrics. “Black Desire” delves into themes of racism, love, and the complexities of relationships. Joe’s music is an exploration of the human experience, inviting listeners to confront these issues through soul-stirring melodies.

Joe Lington

Joe Lington’s artistic journey is one marked by passion and dedication. He began his musical odyssey by taking vocal and piano lessons under the guidance of Lisa Gold Gervais. Joining a gospel choir, he emerged as one of the soloists, showcasing his vocal prowess. Not content with just singing, Joe expanded his skill set by learning music production, mixing, and mastering. Drawing inspiration from iconic R&B and Soul artists like Sisqo and Keith Sweat, he embarked on his own musical path, adding his unique twist to the genre.

What sets Joe Lington apart is his ability to effortlessly switch between languages, singing in French, English, and Cameroonian. He’s not just an artist but a storyteller, weaving narratives that touch the soul. With four albums already under his belt and another, “Pinkeen,” in the works for 2024, Joe Lington continues to captivate audiences with his evocative music. “Black Desire” is more than just an album; it’s a musical journey that prompts introspection and reflection, making it a must-listen for all music lovers.


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