Athens, Greece – Ioannis Gardiklis, known as Electrohead, is a gifted composer and electronic music producer whose artistic vision merges natural, analog, and digital sounds into a captivating medium of musical expression. With a deep passion for observation, feel, exploration, and experimentation, Gardiklis has established himself as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene.


Since 2014, Electrohead has embarked on numerous musical projects, releasing tracks in collaboration with esteemed record labels such as Audiokult-Extraordinary Records (Vienna), Flexibilia Recordings & Publishing (Munich), and Thinkbabymusic Collective (Athens). Additionally, Gardiklis has showcased his compositional skills by crafting soundtracks for art exhibitions, experimental theatrical performances, and short animations.

“Magma,” Electrohead’s latest album, is an enthralling electronic soundscape that delves into Ambient, IDM, Minimalism, Avant-garde, and Experimental genres. Drawing inspiration from nature, ancient Greek tragedy, and contemporary life environments, the album offers a unique sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

Written, arranged, mixed, and produced solely by Ioannis Gardiklis, “Magma” is a testament to his remarkable talent and creative prowess. Released under exclusive license to Thinkbabymusic Collective, the album showcases Gardiklis’s ability to craft immersive and thought-provoking compositions.

Featuring ten tracks, including the mesmerizing opener “Magma” and the hauntingly beautiful “Antigone’s Tomb,” the album takes listeners on a transformative sonic journey. Each composition intertwines electronic elements with organic textures, resulting in an introspective and emotionally charged listening experience.

“Magma” by Electrohead which was released  on June 2, 2023, under the Thinkbabymusic Collective label. With its captivating blend of genres and evocative storytelling, the album promises to captivate electronic music enthusiasts and fans of experimental soundscapes.

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Sydney, Australia – Gwyn, the talented 25-year-old singer-songwriter, has recently released her highly anticipated track “more i know,” captivating listeners with its infectious energy and empowering message. This anthemic song sheds light on Gwyn’s personal struggles with mental health while dreaming of achieving greatness as a musician. Through her music, Gwyn navigates these challenges while finding solace and joy in the process of creation.


Originally trained in classical piano, Gwyn’s love for pop music blossomed during her formative years in Hong Kong. Now residing in Australia, she has honed her craft, infusing elements of Electronic, Pop, and Punk into her unique sound. With each release, Gwyn continues to captivate audiences with her catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

“more i know” represents Gwyn’s artistic growth and vulnerability. It serves as a testament to the power of music as a tool for self-expression and personal healing. Through her music career, Gwyn has discovered the importance of letting go of worries and embracing the journey of music-making.

Describing the track as something straight out of a teen movie, Gwyn’s “more i know” exudes positivity and liberation. It offers a refreshing and honest perspective on life’s complexities, resonating deeply with listeners.

Gwyn’s previous releases have garnered recognition from esteemed platforms such as Triple J and FBi Radio in Australia. Her music has been featured on popular Spotify Editorial Playlists, including Rhythms and Beats, 852 Rising, Poses, and Hype.

With “more i know,” Gwyn invites listeners into her world, sharing a raw and emotional side of her artistry. This empowering track promises to leave a lasting impression on those who embrace its catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics.

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Unleash your inner party animal with the latest single from Mick J. Clark, titled “Born To Party.” This exhilarating track is a celebration of the ultimate party experience, showcasing Mick’s talent as a singer-songwriter who knows how to keep the energy high and the crowd dancing all night long.

Mick J. Clark

Mick J. Clark’s musical prowess has garnered him significant recognition. His album “Causes” earned him a spot in the official 64th Grammy Nominations, demonstrating his exceptional abilities and dedication to his craft. As part of the Sonorus Record Label, Mick has accumulated over 1,000,000 Spotify streams on his song “There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do,” solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Beyond the numbers, Mick J. Clark’s impact is felt through his chart success, reaching impressive positions like No. 3 in the UK and No. 2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs. These achievements reflect his ability to create music that resonates with a global audience.

Mick’s latest release, “Is This The Best Song Catalogue Ever,” showcases his versatility as an artist. With over 60 songs spanning various genres, including Pop, Rock, Ballads, R&B, Dance, Latin, and Country, Mick J. Clark proves his ability to captivate listeners with his diverse musical palette.

Not only does Mick J. Clark create music that moves people, but he also addresses important societal issues through his empowering songs. Tracks like “Me My Body And I” inspire children to overcome self-harm and bullying, while “You Don’t Look Cool by Teenagers” encourages young listeners to steer clear of destructive habits.

In addition to his musical achievements, Mick J. Clark is a multifaceted artist who has ventured into writing. His book, “Message From A Star,” received critical acclaim for its humor and engaging narrative. With its potential for adaptation into a captivating film, the book tells a heartwarming story of friendship and the longing to relive youthful moments.

Mick J. Clark’s passion for music and his ability to create infectious and uplifting tracks make him an artist worth celebrating. With “Born To Party,” he invites listeners to embrace the joy of celebration and immerse themselves in his exhilarating musical journey. Mick J. Clark’s artistry knows no bounds as he continues to captivate audiences across various artistic mediums.

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In the realm of musical exploration, composer Ruud Voesten delves deep into the depths of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno with his second single, “Goesting.” This captivating piece serves as an ode to the sin of lust, where the turbulent winds of a violent storm buffet the souls of the carnally inclined. Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Miles Davis, and Brian Blade, Voesten crafts a dark harmony, tragic melody, and melancholic rhythm that immerses listeners in a world of raw emotion.

Ruud Voesten

During the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, Voesten found solace in Dante’s Inferno, using this timeless literary masterpiece as a catalyst for introspection. Exploring his personal connection to the seven capital sins, including lust, anger, and betrayal, the composer weaves a tapestry of diverse motifs and emotions into his music.

“Goesting” is a precursor to the full album, Ambrosia, scheduled for release on ZenneZ Records in September 2023. Ambrosia, inspired by Dante’s Inferno, takes listeners on a journey through the ten rings of hell, delving into the depths of human nature and societal critique.

Within the ring of Lust, where lovers were consumed by their passions, the sinners now drift aimlessly, forever denied fulfillment and peace of mind. Voesten’s composition reflects the longing and passion of these lost souls, enveloping listeners in a romantic, dark, and tragic ambiance.

Featuring a stellar lineup, including Mo van der Does on alto saxophone, Wietse Voermans on tenor saxophone, Koen Schalkwijk on grand piano, Tijs Klaassen on double bass, and Ruud Voesten on drums and composition, the recording captures the essence of the sin’s seductive allure.

With Micha de Kanter handling the recording and mixing, and Wessel Oltheten mastering the tracks at Fattoria Musica studio (DE), “Goesting” is a testament to Voesten’s artistic vision and his ability to translate Dante’s profound themes into a musical language that resonates with the soul.

As the release of Ambrosia draws near, music enthusiasts eagerly await the full sonic experience that Ruud Voesten has meticulously crafted. Prepare to be transported into a realm where music intertwines with literature, and the boundaries between the earthly and the infernal blur.


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