Introducing the groundbreaking album ‘Better Now’ by Sound Liberation, released in June 2023 on Composers Concordance Records (distributed by Naxos). We are thrilled to present this captivating recording for your consideration.


Sound Liberation, renowned for their innovative musical approach, unleashes their 8th studio album, ‘Better Now’, further expanding their eclectic exploration of sound. The band, founded by Gene Pritsker, embraces a unique musical philosophy that aims to break down the barriers between musical genres. Their compositions embody a fusion of styles, heavily influenced by hip-hop and rock rhythms, allowing listeners to experience a captivating blend of classical, jazz, and diverse cultural influences during a Sound Liberation performance.

Within ‘Better Now,’ Gene Pritsker’s visionary compositions delve into the realms of soul, hip-hop, modern jazz, cross-over classical, blues, R&B, and jazz fusion. The album was meticulously crafted over a span of two years, with recordings taking place in various locations and studios, including remote collaborations and studio sessions. Prepare to embark on a genre-defying journey that exemplifies the unique and defining style of Sound Liberation.

We invite you to explore the exceptional artistry and boundary-pushing musicality of ‘Better Now’ by Sound Liberation. This album stands as a testament to their commitment to transcending conventional musical norms and forging a path of boundless creativity.

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Gil Karson and the Karson City Rebels have burst onto the music scene with their debut single, “Freedom Guaranteed,” a powerful anthem that fuses the raw energy of country-rock with the soulful essence of blues. This Americana rock band has created a heartfelt tribute to the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving in the U.S. military, instilling a deep sense of pride and patriotism within listeners.

Gil Karson

Lead vocalist and bassist Gil Karson drew inspiration from iconic artists like The Eagles, Chuck Berry, and Johnny Cash, shaping his own distinctive sound rooted in classic rock, country, and blues. After a hiatus to focus on family and a career in the film industry, Karson felt the irresistible pull of music and assembled the talented ensemble that is the Karson City Rebels.

Comprising skilled musicians such as drummer Lionel Barton, keyboardist Jon Greathouse, guitarists Kyle Appleton and Chris Brooks, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Adams, the band delivers a sensational live experience with their impeccable musicianship and infectious camaraderie.

Currently working on their forthcoming album, Gil Karson and the Karson City Rebels are determined to offer a complete musical journey to their audience. Alongside the patriotic anthem “Freedom Guaranteed,” the album will feature tracks ranging from inspiring compositions to introspective songs about personal relationships. Additionally, the band ensures that fun is on the menu with tracks like “Let’s Party,” promising a chance to let loose and energize.

With a blend of heartfelt songwriting, captivating performances, and the skillful production of industry veterans, Gil Karson and the Karson City Rebels are poised to make a lasting impact in the world of Americana rock. Their music invites listeners to suspend reality, feel the rush, and embrace the complete experience that their upcoming album promises to deliver.

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OMNINORM Records is proud to unveil the long-awaited remaster of AUTiSM’s hidden treasure, “Neverberator,” a captivating album that remained in obscurity for over two decades. What sets this release apart is not only its musical brilliance but also its intriguing backstory. Originally limited to a handful of CD copies, “Neverberator” was far ahead of its time, resulting in an enduring sonic experience that remains relevant today.


Vadim Militsin, the creative force behind AUTiSM, reflects on the album’s significance, stating, “When I recorded ‘Neverberator,’ I knew it would be my final European album before our move to America.” Settling in New York City in 2000, Vadim found inspiration in the vibrant cityscape, where unexpected encounters with wild turkeys and friendly possums shaped his musical journey. Amidst this eclectic backdrop, several more Autism albums were born.

“Neverberator” showcases AUTiSM’s European influence, drawing from the likes of Autechre and other alternative electronic pioneers. Vadim’s meticulous sound processing technique, splitting and treating each element of a track individually, resulted in an unparalleled sonic purity. The album exudes a modernity that defies its age, with underwater themes weaving through its track titles and evocative sounds.

Previously elusive and virtually unattainable, “Neverberator” returns in all its glory, remastered by the skilled hands of Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering. Alongside the remaster, the album receives new cover artwork, breathing new life into this sonic masterpiece. Available digitally from June 16, 2023, on all major platforms via OMNINORM Records, vinyl LP enthusiasts can also look forward to its release in the near future.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of “Neverberator,” where AUTiSM’s visionary compositions and Vadim’s sonic craftsmanship meld to create an otherworldly experience. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your support and invite you to embrace the timeless allure of “Neverberator.” Let the music guide you through uncharted depths and redefine your perception of sonic possibilities.


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We are thrilled to introduce you and your audience to the latest musical offering from Parisian artist Comett – “Alone.” Building on the success of his previous albums, including the widely acclaimed “The Ghost inside Me” with over a million listens, Alexandre Canola, better known as Comett, returns with a captivating single that channels the essence of 2000s indie pop rock. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Notwist and the orchestration of Beirut, Comett’s musical style is a unique blend that evokes nostalgia while maintaining a fresh and contemporary sound.


With his distinctive voice, Comett effortlessly delivers a profound sense of emotion in “Alone.” The song paints a poignant picture of life’s somber moments, the fading of childhood dreams, yet it also carries a message of personal empowerment and the pursuit of one’s aspirations.

“Alone” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Comett’s upcoming album, which will be unveiled gradually in the coming months. A true musical journey awaits as listeners delve into the multi-faceted soundscape crafted by this talented artist.

Comett’s musical journey began in 2005 when he embarked on his alternative pop music project. As a skilled multi-instrumentalist, Alexandre Canola has traversed different cities, including London and Dublin, before eventually finding a creative haven in the enchanting neighborhood of Montmartre.

Stay tuned for more enchanting melodies and introspective lyrics as Comett unveils his new album, one captivating piece at a time. Let the evocative sounds of “Alone” transport you to a world where dreams and reality intertwine, and where Comett’s musical prowess reigns supreme.


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