Stephanie, a talented singer-songwriter, pours her heart into her latest release, “Dreams Do Die Hard.” This poignant song resonates with listeners as it explores the bittersweet experience of witnessing dreams slip away. Stephanie believes that this emotional track will strike a chord with everyone, as depression and sadness are universal emotions that touch us all at some point in our lives. By openly discussing these topics, Stephanie aims to provide solace and encourage empathy among her audience.


Following in the footsteps of her father’s success with his song “I Wonder About You,” which reached an impressive #17 on the UK iTunes country chart, Stephanie is poised to make her own mark in the music industry. “Dreams Do Die Hard” will be available on various major music platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, ensuring that fans can easily access and connect with her powerful message.

Stephanie believes that unconditional love and support, free from judgment, can play a vital role in helping individuals navigate and cope with such complex emotions. With her soul-stirring music, she aims to provide comfort and understanding to those who may be struggling, creating a safe space for listeners to embrace their vulnerabilities.

Through her heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, Stephanie offers a genuine and relatable voice in the realm of music. As “Dreams Do Die Hard” reaches the ears of audiences worldwide, Stephanie’s artistic talent and compassionate spirit shine through, leaving an indelible impact on listeners’ hearts and minds.


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Pam Ross, an accomplished singer-songwriter in the Americana genre, is back with her latest single, “Two Shots of Tequila,” following the success of her well-received track, “Falling off the Merry Go Round,” which reached the Top 20 on the iTunes UK Rock chart. With a fresh perspective, Pam brings a positive twist to heartbreak in her music. “Two Shots of Tequila” narrates the tale of someone finding solace in a couple of tequila shots after a failed relationship, acknowledging the pain but understanding that time and resilience will heal their wounds.

Pam Ross

Originating from North Carolina, Pam Ross has crafted her own distinct musical style that seamlessly blends rock, Americana, and country influences. Fans affectionately refer to her unique sound as “Pam Music,” showcasing her versatility as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

“Two Shots of Tequila” offers a glimpse into Pam’s forthcoming album, “When Therapy Fails,” slated for release later this year. The album promises to captivate listeners with its introspective and soulful tracks.

Pam Ross’s musical journey has been marked by critical acclaim and recognition. Her previous single, “Fire In The Hole,” received high praise from radio stations and top playlist curators. The accompanying music video achieved distinction at the Europe Music Awards and garnered nominations at the Carolina Film Festival 2023 and the Franklin Flix Indie Film Festival 2023.

As Pam Ross continues to make her mark on the Americana music scene, her heartfelt lyrics and melodious compositions resonate deeply with audiences. “Two Shots of Tequila” is yet another testament to her ability to create compelling narratives that delve into the intricacies of human emotions. Stay tuned for the release of her upcoming album, where Pam’s musical prowess and storytelling will undoubtedly shine through.

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Renowned Manchester-based producer, Nickon Faith, continues to showcase his prowess with the release of his latest EP, “Visions.” This eagerly anticipated fourth offering from Troubleshoot Recordings comprises three original tracks, complemented by a thrilling remix by label boss Jon Selbo, amplifying the energy to new heights. With an impressive back catalogue already to his name, Nickon Faith’s innovative and dynamic approach to dance music shines through in these mesmerizing compositions.

Nickon Faith

The EP opens with the ethereal and captivating “Visions,” enchanting listeners with its otherworldly pads and enthralling lead lines. Setting the stage for the rest of the EP, this track combines both allure and emotion in perfect harmony.

Following suit is “In Bloom,” a masterful blend of infectious percussion and rapid melodies, showcasing Nickon’s ability to craft intricate and layered soundscapes. Anchored by a pulsating bassline, the track drives forward with relentless energy.

The third offering, “Don’t Make Me Wait,” weaves together breakbeats and dreamy vocals, resulting in a powerful and infectious composition. Energetic breaks lay the foundation for the track’s rich, expansive chords, while the ethereal vocals soar throughout.

Rounding off the EP is Jon Selbo’s high-octane remix of “Don’t Make Me Wait.” Injecting his unique style into the track, Selbo delivers a club-ready version that is sure to ignite early morning dancefloors, infusing them with an electrifying atmosphere.

“Visions EP” is a testament to Nickon Faith’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. With its experimental, progressive, energetic, and emotive soundscapes, this release is a must-listen for aficionados of the genre. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey through Nickon Faith’s musical vision.

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In an era where rock music seeks fresh voices and daring experimentation, Roxx Revolt & the Velvets burst onto the scene with their defiant debut record, “Turn Your Head This Way,” released via Steven Machat’s SSK Records. Hailing from Florida, this four-piece ensemble exudes a timeless quality that easily rivals seasoned rock legends, yet they are only just beginning their journey of sonic rebellion. Seamlessly traversing through genres like arena-ready rock, power pop, blues, Western twang, and punk, Roxx Revolt & the Velvets forge a distinct and modern sound that is uniquely their own, effortlessly blending influences with a captivating swagger.

Roxx Revolt & the Velvets

“Turn Your Head This Way” serves as a culmination of the band’s exploratory phase, showcasing their unwavering confidence in maneuvering through diverse musical landscapes. The roaring, fuzzed-out instrumentals provide a solid foundation for the commanding vocals of frontwoman Roxx Revolt, whose rich and raspy voice leaves an indelible mark. The album kicks off at full throttle with the explosive opener “Coming Down,” setting the energetic tone for the entire body of work. As the tracks meander through various sonic territories, the band exhibits their versatility across different styles, ultimately delivering an emphatic climax with the anthemic “Second Thoughts.” Blending glitz and edginess, “Turn Your Head This Way” introduces a more assured version of Roxx Revolt & the Velvets.

Commenting on the album, the band shared, “We wanted to create a musically diverse album that allows each band member’s influences and talents to shine. From headbanging moments to ballads that make you want to dance, this record is a fusion of classic and modern elements that will undoubtedly make you want to sing along.”

Renowned for their magnetic live performances, Roxx Revolt & the Velvets will embark on a series of shows to celebrate the release of their debut album, giving fans the opportunity to experience their music as it was meant to be heard. From DATE to DATE, the band will ignite stages across various cities. Stay tuned for all upcoming tour dates.

Leading up to the album’s release, the band has spent the past year captivating audiences with a string of well-received singles, while honing their craft through electrifying live shows throughout Florida and beyond. Notable highlights include supporting Puddle of Mudd and gracing the stages of Gasparilla Music Festival.

Roxx Revolt & the Velvets are making a resounding impact that cannot be ignored. Formed in 2018 in Naples, Florida, this four-piece powerhouse, comprising Roxx Revolt (vocals, guitars), Dan Heath (bass), Jake Shockley (guitar), and Chris Campo (drums), has become one of the hottest commodities emerging from the state’s vibrant music scene. Their glamorously eclectic style of power-driven rock fearlessly embraces diverse genres without hesitation or regret.

Known for their high-octane stage presence that envelops and captivates audiences, Roxx Revolt & the Velvets create an immersive experience where listeners become active participants, dancing, singing, and screaming along. Following the success of their first two EPs, “7” and “Uno,” they have left an indelible mark with their performances at Gasparilla Music Festival, Black Market Fest Miami, and Art with Me Miami, in addition to sharing the stage with national acts like Puddle of Mudd, Local H, and The Winery Dogs. Their “Run For Cover” tour in 2022 saw them blazing a trail from Miami to New York City.

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