Iceland’s enchanting landscapes offer more than just a getaway; they evoke a profound connection between humanity and nature, a symphony of colors and serenity. Imola-based producer and composer, Bias, draws inspiration from these majestic Icelandic moors in his latest single, “Ogni Istante.”


This composition is more than music; it’s a declaration of love across distances, a sentiment expressed through Bias’s poetic verses:

“In the silent landscapes / I can feel my space on earth / the square meter / that lies at Your side.”

Bias, the producer behind the creation, meticulously crafted “Ogni Istante.” He not only produced and engineered the track but also ensured its sonic perfection through the skilled hands of mixer and masterer Michele Suzzi. The result is a captivating sonic journey that envelops the listener in the beauty of Iceland’s serene landscapes.

“Ogni Istante” is now available on all major digital platforms, accompanied by a visual video on YouTube. The song’s Italian title translates to “Every Moment,” encapsulating the essence of love, longing, and the ever-present connection among individuals. In a world filled with steps, processes, and logic, Bias reminds us of the significance of cherishing each moment.

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Singers Josh Tepper and Madisyn Shipman, known as Madisyn, have just dropped their latest single, “Built Me.” This song serves as a heartfelt reflection on past relationships that might not have been the healthiest but left a lasting impact. Tepper, an alumnus of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, as well as NYU Tisch, where he studied cinema, pours his emotions into this musical creation.

Josh Tepper

Madisyn has taken on a new role as a Playboy Bunny, expanding her horizons. Tepper already boasts an impressive repertoire of seven singles, with more music in the works. The duo’s influences include iconic names like Hilary Duff, Justin Timberlake, and early Britney Spears, whose pop sensibilities have clearly left an imprint on their music.

“Built Me” was crafted in the vibrant city of LA, where musical magic often takes shape. It captures the essence of longing for someone from the past, even if the relationship wasn’t entirely healthy. It’s an ode to the complexity of human emotions and the enduring connections we sometimes can’t let go of.

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Protest songs have long held the power to galvanize movements and challenge the status quo. “We Will Never Surrender” is one such anthem, a potent musical weapon crafted by singer-songwriter Mick J. Clark. Mick J. Clark is no stranger to the music scene, having graced the iTunes Singles Chart six times and the Album Chart once. His track record includes a Grammy Nomination for his album “Causes” and his single “A Song Has Gotta Swing Like Sinatra.” With over 1,000,000 Spotify streams and notable placements on charts, his musical prowess is undeniable.

Mick J. Clark

“We Will Never Surrender” is a reflection of Mick’s commitment to tackling challenging topics, and this protest song is no exception. It’s a bold declaration against surrender in the face of adversity, echoing the resilience of countless individuals in times of conflict. Recorded at Empty Space Studios in Bexhill by Nelson King, the song carries the weight of its message with fervor. Mick’s ethos behind this track is clear: Anger. It’s a powerful and unapologetic call to action.

As Mick J. Clark aptly puts it, “As quotes go, all around the world in big conflicts and small ones, you will always hear people say, ‘we will continue to fight this, We Will Never Surrender.'” This song is his contribution to that fight, an anthem for those who refuse to back down.

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Few subjects in the world of music possess the timelessness and universality of love. In Franc O’cher’s latest single, the aptly titled “For Your Love,” we find ourselves immersed in this boundless sea of emotion. The song presents a heartfelt portrayal of unwavering dedication and determination in the name of love.

Franc O’cher

The lyrics of “For Your Love” gracefully articulate a profound commitment to going to extraordinary lengths in the pursuit of love. The singer promises to travel a thousand miles, even to pluck stars from the celestial heavens, all in the name of their beloved. The chorus, adorned with poetic imagery, underscores the singer’s unyielding quest to surmount any obstacle, reaching for the seemingly unreachable moon as a symbol of their enduring affection. Dancing under the moonlight and the echo of voices through the stereo combine to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere that enhances the song’s message.

Ultimately, “For Your Love” conveys a powerful notion: that love knows no boundaries and is prepared to transcend any challenge. This song adds a poignant and heartfelt chapter to the ever-expansive collection of love songs. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Franc O’cher is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for his distinctive sound, a fusion of folk, rock, and pop. He has devoted himself to refining his craft, and “For Your Love” stands as a testament to his artistry, promising to deeply resonate with listeners.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of music, artists often find themselves on journeys of exploration and self-discovery. For Marcus Barnes, his latest single, “As Simple As It Gets,” represents a compelling shift in musical direction, ignited by an encouraging challenge from a friend.

Marcus Barnes

Having previously delved into the realms of classical and Christian worship music, Marcus decided to embrace the world of pop music, marking a significant departure from his comfort zone. The result? A fresh and captivating single that effortlessly combines a chill pop vibe with profoundly introspective lyrics.

“At Simple As It Gets” beautifully captures the experience of grappling with depression, offering solace in the form of a “sad playlist” or the arrival of that special someone who has the power to brighten even the darkest days. As Marcus Barnes expands his musical horizons, “As Simple As It Gets” serves as an uplifting testament to the human capacity for transformation and creative exploration, providing listeners with a musical journey worth embarking on.

As a versatile artist, Marcus Barnes has transcended his classical music background to venture into the world of pop. Influenced by the likes of Charlie Puth, Coldplay, Kygo, and Elevation Worship, he demonstrates his prowess as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Beyond the realm of pop, Marcus’s diverse talents also extend to classical music composition, adding another layer to his multifaceted artistry.

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