Centershift is making waves on the US West Coast, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. The band, fronted by ex-OneSideZero vocalist Jasan Radford, is turning heads with their latest single, “The Ride,” now available on all major DSPs. Produced by Jose Alcantar, known for his work with renowned acts like Linkin Park, Blue October, and Imagine Dragons, “The Ride” is a tantalizing glimpse into Centershift’s forthcoming album. The band entered the studio with Alcantar in April, eager to follow up on the success of their 2022 debut effort, “A Different Shade of Color.”


Centershift’s lineup boasts the talents of Ryan Shane Stuber (ex-Shuvel) on guitar, Ted Wenri (ex-Bemus) on bass, and drummer Stefan Storace (ex-BLüPRNT). Their debut album, “A Different Shade Of Color,” made waves upon its release on November 11th, 2022. “The Ride” resonates with a powerful message, as Jasan Radford shares, “‘The Ride’ is about speaking to a loved one that has passed, and never getting to say the words. Don’t take time for granted.”

With their unique blend of rock and alternative sounds, Centershift is a force to be reckoned with in the Los Angeles music scene. Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows and the eagerly anticipated new album, set to solidify their place in the industry.

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Renowned country music sensation, Gary Pratt, has unleashed his highly-anticipated single, “Number One Fan.” This heartwarming song, originally crafted years ago as a tribute to his mother, now stands as a universal love anthem, celebrating the unwavering support of every individual’s “number one fan.” Produced by Bryan Cole and featuring the exceptional talents of musician Adam Ernst, “Number One Fan” underwent a modern transformation in the studio while preserving its traditional country essence. It marks the seventh single from Gary’s 2021 album, “Something Worth Remembering,” following the success of his radio hit, “Til Your Boots Are Dirty.” Immediately upon release, “Number One Fan” soared to #8 on the UK iTunes Country Songs chart.

Gary Pratt

Gary Pratt’s heartfelt message resonates beyond the realm of music. As he aptly puts it, “You don’t have to be a singer or entertainer to relate to this song. A lot of people say ‘I’m your number one fan’ for many reasons. The truth is when you find that true forever love in your life, they are your number one fan and will always be.”

This latest release continues to solidify Gary Pratt’s status as a prominent figure in country music. With over 400,000 Spotify streams on “Something Worth Remembering” and accolades such as the International Singer Songwriters Association Award, his influence in the genre continues to flourish.

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Navigating the aftermath of a failed relationship can be an arduous journey, particularly when the blame rests on your own shoulders. In “There’s No Way,” Alexia Vegas courageously confronts her lingering obsession with a former lover, admitting her fear that there’s simply no escape from the haunting memories. His presence lingers in every corner of her life, and the silence of each morning serves as a stark reminder of his absence.

Alexia Vegas

Set against a backdrop of dark, steady rhythms, “There’s No Way” captivates listeners with its melancholic melodies. As the verses chronicle Alexia’s struggles in the wake of a shattered romance, the chorus soars with her sweet, wistful vocals, delivering a raw and heartrending honesty.

Alexia Vegas, though a fresh face in the music scene, boasts over seven years of industry experience. Her songs have graced screens on Apple TV, Netflix, and CBS, featuring in popular series like “The Morning Show,” “Dynasty,” and “Young Rock.” Her infectious pop tunes have found their way into national TV commercials, retail stores, airports, and countless playlists. Now, as she embarks on her solo music journey, Alexia invites you to join her on what promises to be an exciting musical odyssey.

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Maccie stands as a luminary. Her voice, a captivating blend of serenity and strength, weaves melodies that stir the soul. Not confined to vocals, Maccie’s musical prowess extends to multiple instruments, echoing her profound musical depth. She’s also a visual artist whose paintings mirror her musical artistry and a skilled aerial silks performer, blending grace with determination. Maccie’s music is a journey through sultry rhythms and raw emotional outpourings.

Maccie x JPRiZM

Her collaboration with JPRiZM on “Back to Me” embodies this duality, melding synth-pop with timeless ballads. Beneath its surface lies a 15-year saga of longing and hope born from Maccie’s experience in foster care, a poignant tribute to her mother’s memory. Meanwhile, JPRiZM, an artist, producer, keyboardist, and songwriter, embraces musical versatility without boundaries. His moniker, JPRiZM, reflects his appreciation for diverse genres, where his musical style refracts like a prism, ever-changing with shifting light. The chemistry between Maccie and JPRiZM sparked at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, leading to a fruitful collaboration that birthed “Back to Me.” Their music draws influence from an eclectic mix of pop, R&B, EDM, classical, and rock.

Maccie’s artistry extends beyond music. She creates captivating paintings that resonate with the hues and depths of her songs. As a professional aerial silks artist, she gracefully intertwines physical agility with her creative spirit. In the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, Maccie and JPRiZM crafted “Back to Me” with meticulous attention to detail. The music combines timeless ballad melodies with modern rhythms, delivering a universal message of hope and human connection.

“Back to Me” isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem for anyone who has yearned for a familiar embrace or a shared laugh. Rooted in Maccie’s personal journey through foster care, it carries an undercurrent of longing, hurt, and hope. Throughout the recording process, the duo explored different approaches and engineers to craft their desired sound. Despite facing challenges, including a former manager’s interference, they persevered, and now they sail ahead with clarity.

Back to Me

Maccie encapsulates the essence of “Back to Me”: “The lyrics might not explicitly reveal, but the undertones of the song resonate with the deep-seated longing, hurt, and hope of a young soul yearning for her mother. A chapter of 15 arduous years in foster care silently weaves itself into the fabric of the song, making the listeners not just hear, but profoundly feel every note and word.” JPRiZM adds, “Back to Me evokes a message of hope and human connection. Trepidation coupled with optimism. The music is a unique mix of melodies that call back to the era of timeless ballads, and blends with the rhythms of what we’ve come to enjoy from the modern era.”

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