A group of musicians in Cavan, led by Evan Walsh, the former drummer of the Strypes, are working on a new rock ‘n’ roll sound. They call themselves the Savage Hearts. They want to bring back the spirit of Eddie Cruizer, a famous and mysterious figure in music. The Savage Hearts are a very successful band. Their first song, “Gang War,”  became number one in Ireland just one week after it was released in February 2024. The band’s live shows are exciting and fun, and they have performed at many festivals and with famous bands like The Boomtown Rats and The Undertones.

                                                                             THE SAVAGE HEARTS

Eddie Cruizer is a fascinating person. He starred in strange and interesting movies like “The Creature That Ate Your Sister” and “Hot Rod Rocky and The Asbury Playboys vs. Dracula”. The Savage Hearts are inspired by him and make music that combines different styles like rock, psychedelic, blues, and country punk.The Savage Hearts’ first songs, “Gang War” and “Speed Kills,”  show how energetic and talented they are. These two songs, made with Ste Kelly, are a great start and leave fans wanting more. The Savage Hearts are ready to play in the UK for the first time at famous venues. People are excited. They have a special sound that’s both old and new, and they’re leading a new rock ‘n’ roll movement inspired by Eddie Cruizer.

The Savage Hearts are a very special band. When they play, they make a big impact on rock ‘n’ roll music. They help keep the memory of Eddie Cruizer alive and make a name for themselves that will inspire people for a long time.

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