Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers, a band that combines different music styles, have released a new song called “Damaged Goods”. The band is led by Seán Finn, who is known for his energetic performances and emotional songwriting.

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“Damaged Goods” is a soft and emotional piano song with a beautiful melody and touching lyrics. It’s about the struggles young women face when they leave home and start their own lives. Even though it’s a serious topic, the song offers hope and promises better days ahead. The band’s new song came out on June 16th. It’s their second song. Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers are a talented band known for their great performances at famous London places like Spice of Life and Toulouse Lautrec. Finn said “Damaged Goods” started as a simple piano song, but the band’s additions made it special. The final version has nice bass, drums, and flute parts that make the song beautiful. Finn is surprised and proud of how the song turned out.

Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers are getting ready to tour and release new music this summer. Their new song “Damaged Goods” is out now on music platforms. The song shows the band’s talent and promises good things to come. It also reminds us that people can overcome hard times and stay hopeful.

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