Renowned singer-songwriter Mick J. Clark is set to spread the holiday cheer with his latest single, “Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah.” The Christmas-themed song takes a unique perspective, narrating the story of Santa, who, despite his ability to fulfill children’s material wishes from his sleigh, faces the challenge of being unable to grant the one thing some children truly desire—peace. Clark, with a significant musical footprint, boasts over 1,000,000 Spotify streams and has made impressive chart appearances. His track “We Know It’s True” achieved No 3 in the UK and No 2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs on June 7, 2020. Notably, his contributions to the album ‘Goa Chillout Zone Vol 9’ secured a No 1 spot on the iTunes Electronic Chart.

Mick J. Clark

Having earned recognition with 64th Grammy Nominations for his album ‘Causes,’ Clark has demonstrated versatility across genres, featuring in iTunes Singles Chart six times and Album Chart once with ‘Brand New Love Songs.’ His influence extends to various radio stations, including BBC Surrey and BBC Sheffield. Now, Clark unveils his ‘Box Set Song Catalogue’ comprising 60 songs, including an eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, Ballads, R&B, Dance, Latin, and Country. Noteworthy among his achievements is the success of ‘Micks Christmas Mix’ EP, amassing over 300,000 Spotify streams for three Christmas songs.

Beyond the musical realm, Mick J. Clark is committed to empowering messages, evident in his ‘Empowering Song for Children’ against ‘Self-Harming and Bullying,’ titled ‘Me My Body And I.’ Furthermore, his ‘Anti Smoking/Drugs’ anthem, ‘You Don’t Look Cool’ By Teenagers, has been integrated into schools across Croydon by the Croydon Education Department, underlining Clark’s dedication to meaningful storytelling through music.

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In a harmonious blend of spheric synthscapes, sample artifacts, and dreamy guitar riffs, Trench Coast unveils their debut album, “Drinks.” The Berlin-based artist, known for their eclectic sound, skillfully navigates between gloomy electronics, indietronica, wave, and ambient textures, creating a unique sonic experience.

Trench Coast

Trench Coast first made waves on the music scene with the debut single “Television” in early 2023, setting the stage for their atmospheric journey. As one half of the former synth-wave duo “Trains on Fire,” the artist brings a wealth of experience, with the duo’s final album having been released in April 2023. Following the debut single, Trench Coast contributed a remix of the track “Cool Edit” from the “Qrauer” album “Heeded Fazes,” showcasing versatility and originality in their approach. Now, with the upcoming album “Drinks” slated for release on December 1st through plusplus, Trench Coast continues to evolve their musical narrative.

The nine-track collection, a product of meticulous craftsmanship over three years, offers a diverse sonic palette. From abstract electronica attitudes to Mustang and Telecaster-infused dreamscapes, “Drinks” promises a compelling and immersive auditory journey. Trench Coast’s ability to weave together various influences results in an album that defies easy categorization, inviting listeners into a world where genres seamlessly coexist.

  1. “Dau Sarriv”: The album commences with “Dau Sarriv,” setting the stage with its enigmatic sounds and possibly serving as a thematic overture for the sonic journey that follows.
  2. “Packs”: “Packs” takes the listener on a sonic exploration, perhaps unveiling layers of electronic intricacies and textured beats that contribute to the album’s atmospheric quality.
  3. “Tonato Augusto”: This track introduces a unique character to the album, with its title suggesting a connection to a specific narrative or concept. The listener may encounter distinctive melodies and rhythms that define Trench Coast’s musical identity.
  4. “Boris Bay”: With a title like “Boris Bay,” this track could evoke a sense of place or emotion through its sonic landscape. Trench Coast’s ability to blend different elements may shine through in this piece.
  5. “The Human Megabyte”: “The Human Megabyte” intrigues with its title, hinting at a fusion of the organic and the digital. The track might explore electronic elements while retaining a human touch, adding depth to the album.
  6. “Drinks”: As the titular track, “Drinks” could be a centerpiece, embodying the essence of the entire album. It might feature the eclectic mix of spheric synths, sample artifacts, and dreamy guitar lines that define Trench Coast’s signature sound.
  7. “Vallies”: “Vallies” could be a sonic excursion into valleys of sound, offering a unique auditory experience. The track might showcase Trench Coast’s versatility in crafting varied musical landscapes.
  8. “Melibu”: With a title suggesting a connection to a place or vibe, “Melibu” could be a dreamy and melodic interlude, providing a moment of reflection within the album’s narrative.
  9. “None of Your Theories Work”: Closing the album, “None of Your Theories Work” may bring the sonic journey full circle. This final track could serve as a testament to the unpredictability and creative innovation embedded in Trench Coast’s musical style.

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British prog rock sensation Guild Theory is breaking boundaries with their latest single, “Indignant Swines,” a pop-rock gem set to captivate both loyal fans and newcomers alike. Comprising Rob Lewis, a master of multi-instrumentation, and vocalist Matt Smith, Guild Theory emerged less than two years ago after a virtual encounter. The dynamic duo’s musical journey started with a trial recording, “Rust,” which found its place on their highly successful debut album, ‘Streaks of Light Burn the Sky,’ boasting over 150,000 streams.

Guild Theory

“Indignant Swines” serves as a taste of what’s to come from Guild Theory’s upcoming album, weaving a more accessible sound for those less acquainted with alt/prog rock. The band draws inspiration from diverse sources, including Oceansize, Midlake, and unique individual preferences that converge to enrich their creative process. Having graced the airwaves of Prog Radio and Future Radio, Guild Theory is in the running for Prog Radio’s esteemed “50 Best Prog Albums of 2023.” The anticipation builds as the band delves into the creation of their second album, a conceptual masterpiece exploring the life of a fictional dictator.

In the words of Matt Smith, “We’re really excited to release Indignant Swines. As a slightly more ‘poppy’ tune (than our usual prog style) we’re confident it will open up our music to a wider audience.” Guild Theory continues to push the boundaries of their sonic landscape, inviting listeners to unravel the intricacies of their upcoming album’s narrative. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey through the musical realms crafted by Guild Theory.

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