British pop sensation Robin Shaw takes a plunge into the shadows with his latest original single, “Jekyll and Hyde.” As a solo artist, Shaw intricately crafts his own lyrics and collaborates with producer Chris Hall, creating a musical synergy that has endured since 2016. The haunting melodies of “Jekyll and Hyde” were born in West London’s Pirate Studios, nestled in the vibrant Shepherds Bush.

Robin Shaw

Drawing influence from an eclectic array of artists, including Lewis Capaldi, Mac Miller, and Justin Timberlake, Shaw’s music resonates through a variety of genres, always centered around storytelling and clever lyrics. His live performances have graced numerous venues across the UK, from beer festivals to theaters, earning him a loyal fanbase. Shaw’s music has found a home on various radio stations, marking him as the record of the week on BBC Introducing Norfolk and Suffolk. Beyond the stage, Shaw’s journey includes noteworthy features in New Jersey magazine ‘WeAreJersey’ and a viral TikTok trend with the “Jekyll and Hyde” lyric video. Accumulating over 350,000 streams across his catalog, Shaw’s impact on the music scene is undeniable.

Reflecting on the dark and theatrical theme of “Jekyll and Hyde,” Shaw unveils the inspiration behind the track—a haunting conversation with an ex nearly ten years ago. The song’s narrative delves into the duality of human nature, drawing parallels to the iconic characters of Jekyll and Hyde. The eerie and villainous undertones are heightened by references to “The Wizard of Oz,” adding depth to the evocative storytelling. The recording process at Pirate Studios was, by Shaw’s account, a Sonic the Hedgehog-esque adventure, resulting in a captivating demo that transports listeners to another realm. As “Jekyll and Hyde” takes its place in Shaw’s discography, it solidifies his reputation as an artist who fearlessly explores the shadows of emotion, enchanting audiences with his spellbinding melodies.


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Rock trio Dirty Power has made a striking return to their musical roots with the release of their latest single, “I Did My Time,” a precursor to their upcoming EP, ‘Gravitas,’ scheduled for a 2024 launch. The track marks a departure from their signature hard-hitting style, embracing a stripped-back, rootsy, and unplugged ‘industri-coustic’ approach. Accompanied by an anime storyline video, the song narrates a poignant tale of sacrifice and the meaningful nature of dedicating one’s time for the greater good.

Lead vocalist Brendan cites inspiration from acoustic classics like Nirvana’s “Something In The Way” and Rammstein’s “Ohne Dich.” “I Did My Time” becomes an anthem for rediscovering musical origins, capturing the essence of sacrificing personal time for a noble cause. ‘Gravitas,’ the impending EP, promises a unique blend of “alternative acoustic rock & metal,” featuring three originals and two covers. Recorded live in a historic castle in Baltimore, Ireland, the EP reflects Dirty Power’s intimate exploration of profound subjects against the backdrop of the Covid pandemic. The thematic story extends to the videos, complemented by original anime visuals that provide a nostalgic and comforting viewing experience, reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons.

The EP marks a departure from their heavily distorted rock style, aligning more with the intimate expressions found in Nirvana’s ‘Unplugged In New York’ or Metallica’s ‘S&M.’ ‘Gravitas’ captures the band’s return to their roots and a pursuit of perspective during challenging times, culminating in a once-in-a-lifetime recording experience. As Dirty Power ventures through personal, cultural, and musical roots, ‘Gravitas’ stands as a testament to their ability to reinvent their sound authentically, offering a profound and nuanced exploration of life’s lessons. The EP encapsulates the transformative journey of Dirty Power, delivering a musical experience that resonates with depth and authenticity.

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Ukrainian musical ensemble Polyvoda has unleashed their dynamic jazz-rap single, “Bonfire.” Hailing from the resilient city of Kyiv, the trio, consisting of Denys Levchenko (bass), Kyrylo Chykhradze (keys), and Mykhailo Birchenko (drums), defies musical boundaries and collaborates with international voices to convey their shared narrative. Their musical journey commenced in the fall of 2022 with the release of the well-received singles “Never Ending” and “Sirens.”


Now, a year later, Polyvoda returns with “Bonfire,” an electrifying fusion of modern jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul, and funk. The track kicks off with a captivating drum solo, transitioning into a soulful neo-soul segment featuring female vocals, threaded together by a catchy bass melody. The chorus adds a burst of emotion with funky electric organ chords, creating a sonic experience reminiscent of a collaboration between Greentea Peng and artists like Surprise Chef or Ezra Collective (sans their brass section).

As the song progresses, it takes unexpected turns, featuring a hip-hop chant akin to Little Simz or Sampa The Great in the bridge. Lyrically, “Bonfire” delves into the band’s personal reflections on the war that touched their homeland in 2022. Kyrylo Chykhradze, one of the group’s founders, explains, “In this song, we tried to capture the emotional intensity and complexity of both love and war… As the bonfire generates warmth, love can blossom amidst the chaos of war.” “Bonfire” stands as a musical testament to Polyvoda’s ability to infuse diverse genres while delivering a poignant message.

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Celebrated artist Jay Roecker has once again made waves in the music scene, with his single ‘Pour On Me’ and its remixes from the album ‘Electronic Symphonic’ soaring to #10 on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart and securing the coveted #1 spot on the US New Music Weekly Indie Top 40 Chart. The bilingual Spanish and English single, accompanied by the mesmerizing video ‘Mi Amor – I Had a Dream,’ has captivated audiences worldwide, immersing them in a futuristic dreamscape.

Jay Roecker

Fresh off the release of the visually striking video for the album’s title track, ‘Electronic Symphonic,’ in October 2023, Jay Roecker extends an invitation to explore his latest collaborative endeavor, ‘Thicker Than Blood.’ Released globally on November 17th, 2023, the song delivers a cinematic ambiance, emphasizing the enduring strength of love, surpassing even familial bonds. This poignant message holds particular significance in a time when reflection and gratitude take center stage. Jay Roecker’s musical odyssey commenced in 2012 with the formation of the band “Members Only,” a metamorphosis from an 80s cover ensemble into creators of original music. His debut album, “Labor of Love,” showcased a rich tapestry of genres, ranging from rock to country, with a dominant influence of pop-to-dance, setting the stage for subsequent EDM and dance-infused projects.

Infused with personal touch, Jay’s music draws inspiration from life’s myriad experiences, culminating in the release of his latest opus, “Electronic Symphonic,” in April 2023. The album’s diverse sonic landscape and melodic vocal prowess signify a significant evolution in Jay’s musical identity. In ‘Thicker Than Blood,’ Jay Roecker delves into the theme of love transcending traditional familial boundaries, crafting a musical narrative that seamlessly weaves together past, present, and future. As a versatile artist, Jay continues to navigate the intricate layers of his musical journey, leaving an indelible mark on both charts and the hearts of his global audience.

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Los Angeles-based artist Erick Castrillon has unleashed his latest musical creation, “The Great Awakening,” marking the fourth chapter in his series delving into the profound impacts of the technology-driven era we find ourselves in. The song serves as an auditory exploration of enlightenment and centers on the concept of the singularity, that pivotal juncture when artificial intelligence achieves sentience.

Erick Castrillon

Erick Castrillon, the mastermind behind the composition, lyrics, and performance, is not just a musician but also an accomplished screenwriter and director based in the vibrant city of LA. During a hiatus prompted by a writer’s strike earlier this year, Castrillon decided to channel his passion for music into a serious endeavor, resulting in an intense recording session that birthed “The Great Awakening.” The influences shaping Castrillon’s sonic landscape range from the eclectic vibes of Gorillaz and Tool to the atmospheric sounds of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, supplemented by the immersive world of movie soundtracks. Recorded in Culver City, California, the track immerses listeners in a sonic journey that blends world instruments, synthesizers, techno beats, pop melodies, samples, and experimental sounds, creating a distinctive and original auditory experience.

As part of a broader series examining the transformative impact of technology and artificial intelligence, “The Great Awakening” specifically hones in on the impending moment when machines attain awareness. With poignant lyrics such as “I was aware of all that you did to me,” the song encapsulates the imminent paradigm shift ushered in by generative AI, a theme that resonates with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Rock Fueguino has applauded the track, describing it as “amazing,” highlighting the exceptional vocals, melody, and mood that characterize this latest offering from Erick Castrillon.

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