The Rye Catchers is a Wisconsin-based band that is about to release their second studio album, ‘Mixed Messages’, under the Valiant Horizon music label. This album is a mixture of different musical influences from bands, combining 80s sounds with pop and rock. The album begins with the power pop song ‘History’, containing strong vocals from Nikki Simmons and solid basslines from Tim Lefebvre. Next is ‘Anything’, which is a cheerful track with an upbeat bassline that will influence listeners to tap their feet.

                                                                  RYE CATCHERS

“Mixed Messages” is a talented group of musicians, each adding their own style to the album. Key contributors include Timothy Lefebvre, who has worked with David Bowie and Sting, and singer Nikki Simmons. The album also includes Milwaukee guitarist Sean Williamson, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Whyte Maloney, Spanish singer Nekane, Nigerian EDM remixers Maze x Mxtreme, and Canadian pianist Ricardo Giarratana. As the album proceeds, it moves from retro-inspired songs to modern electropop. With tracks like ‘Ordinary’, it has a smooth and smoky sound. The genre mix continues with ‘Sometimes’, which mixes rock and electronic styles, and ‘Never Look Down’, which brings a power pop feel. The album ends with a new version of ‘History’, featuring only female vocals for a fresh twist.

Rye Catchers is the creation of songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts. The band is known for its smooth chords, easy lyrics, and unique sound, which makes their music fun to listen to. Valiant Horizon, located in Atlanta, Georgia, focuses on releasing high-quality music in electronica, pop, and rock; this album is going to appreciate that. The release date of ‘Mixed Messenger’ will be announced soon. The album will be available at all major online retail outlets.

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