“Veil Lifter” is the latest album from Post-Death Soundtrack. It is a powerful mixture of doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash. This fourth album is not like their old style; it is adopting a live sound that is meant to evolve heavy music.

                                                                                     MONIKA DEVIAT

“Veil Lifter” features heavy riffs and intense energy, creating hypnotic rhythms and a powerful atmosphere, inspired by Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. The album is determined and reflects the perspective of others as well, just like a group of powerful but unwelcome hyenas. The album explores issues like spiritual battles, mental health issues, and the search for wisdom. It reflects on how the human mind faces challenges. It portrays reality boldly. The title is influenced by Eastern philosophy, which says to get into the depths for truth and don’t rely on what you see on the surface.

Steve Moore says “Veil Lifter” is the album he always wanted to make. It’s emotionally honest and inspired by personal struggles. The album shows inner strength. Its lyrics are full of metaphors and imagination, like dreams. Jon Ireson and Moore created the album, and powerful drumming by Casey Lewis gave it an amazing finishing touch. Songs like “Lowdown Animal” represent the band’s essence. “Veil Lifter” was released on April 16th. Fans can listen to “Icy Underground” and “Lowdown Animal” on Spotify and follow the bands’ social media accounts to get updates. This album isn’t just about songs; it is dedicated to Steve’s father, Ted George Moore.

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