Peppermint Moon invites listeners on a captivating journey with their latest EP, “Pocket Dial Tears.” Crafted entirely by the talented artist Colin, this collection is more than just a musical endeavor – it’s a testament to individuality and creative prowess. At the heart of the EP is the whimsically titled “Pocket Dial Tears,” a phrase that encapsulates the unintended consequences of a fateful butt-dial. In a stroke of lyrical ingenuity, it also weaves a poetic connection with the notion of “crocodile tears,” making the title not only catchy but conceptually rich. Colin takes pride in being the sole creator behind the EP, and rightfully so. His artistic fingerprint is evident in every note, giving the project a distinct and personal touch.

Peppermint Moon

“I Thought I Knew” opens the musical narrative, inviting listeners into a realm of introspection. Colin’s lyrical finesse shines as he explores the nuances of self-discovery, challenging preconceptions and unraveling layers of understanding. The song serves as an engaging prologue, setting the stage for the thematic depth that unfolds throughout the EP. “Foxy Friends” injects a playful energy into the collection. The title suggests a mischievous camaraderie, mirrored in the upbeat rhythms and infectious melodies. Colin’s sonic landscape in this track feels like a rendezvous with vibrant characters, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s imagination.

In “Pocket Dial Tears,” each track is a chapter in a larger story, showcasing Peppermint Moon’s ability to traverse diverse emotional landscapes. Colin’s commitment to storytelling, paired with inventive musicality, offers a listening experience that transcends the ordinary. This EP is not just an assortment of songs; it’s a kaleidoscopic exploration of emotions, guided by Colin’s singular vision and artistic flair. Dive into “Pocket Dial Tears” for a musical adventure that is as unique as it is unforgettable.

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