In the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, T.A.P. (The African Project) orchestrates a festive symphony with their latest single, “Beats of Christmas.” Founded by a dynamic duo of independent artists—an American and an African—T.A.P. operates as a creative powerhouse dedicated to empowering African musicians. Their mission goes beyond music, providing financial, educational, and publicity support to budding talents like Debbie Anthony, the voice behind “Beats of Christmas.” Recorded in a bustling Lagos studio crafted by World Fusion Music Productions LLC and Afrojunk Media Productions, the track fuses traditional African beats with the spirit of the holiday season. Producer Akanni Teyimato collaborates with instrumental virtuosos, including a drummer, guitarist, keyboard player, and saxophonist, to create a festive masterpiece.


“Beats of Christmas” isn’t just a holiday song; it’s a cultural celebration. The African lyrics echo a call to rejoice and revel, while the English verses weave a tapestry of nostalgia and reflection. The track encapsulates the diverse moods of the holiday season, inviting listeners to dance, celebrate, and reflect on memories. As part of a burgeoning music community in Lagos, T.A.P. is at the forefront of a movement championing international collaborations and studio performances for independent artists. “Beats of Christmas” stands as a testament to their commitment to creating music that transcends borders and seasons.

Debbie Anthony and Akanni Teyimato invite music enthusiasts to join them in spreading rhythmic joy this holiday season. “Beats of Christmas” isn’t just a song; it’s a spirited invitation to experience the magic of celebration, making it a timeless addition to festive playlists around the world.

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