In a musical revelation years in the making, Madam Who? gifts the world “Peter Meter,” a quirky and fun tune that carries within it the timeless advice passed down by her grandmother on the intricate art of keeping a man. The song, a delightful blend of synth hooks, spoken verses, and an irresistibly catchy chorus, is poised to captivate audiences as a true crowd-pleaser. Madam Who? emerges as Gen Z’s cool aunt, a genre-fluid music artist whose journey through life’s ups and downs has shaped her into a storyteller for the underdogs. The track has garnered praise from critics, with Broken 8 Records hailing it as a “bold and brilliant experience” that demands attention.

Madam Who?

The artist’s musical aspirations were sparked by a childhood desire to be a Beatle, leading her to learn the guitar after watching The Complete Beatles documentary on PBS. Madam Who? pursued her passion by studying Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and making a notable appearance on the first season of the Star Search reboot alongside Creed and Godsmack on “Jimmy & Doug’s Farmclub.” Despite facing setbacks, including the heartbreaking cancellation of a performance in NYC due to the events of September 11, 2001, Madam Who? took a hiatus from music. However, a life-altering incident, where she and her daughter were rescued from drowning, reignited her creative spark.

“Peter Meter” marks Madam Who?’s triumphant return, offering listeners a piece of her journey—a testament to resilience, the passage of time, and the enduring power of music. The track not only entertains but also carries a narrative infused with wisdom, making it a unique and memorable addition to Madam Who?’s evolving musical legacy.

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