Introducing Snakedoctors’ latest single, “Why Don’t,” a powerful grunge/post-grunge track that serves as the third promotional release from their upcoming album, “Waiting.” Once again, they join forces with Nik Hughes from Bush, who showcases his exceptional drumming skills. The song, mixed at Osoo Studio in Poland and mastered by Stephen Marcussen in the US, delves into the complexities of love and the intricate paths it often takes.

Accompanying the single is a captivating music video shot in Poland and Serbia, adding a visual dimension to the band’s artistic expression. Additionally, the album will feature alternative versions of “Why Don’t,” including an unplugged rendition and a mix by Chris Rakestraw, known for his work with Megadeth, Deftones, and Danzig.

Snakedoctors’ music has already gained significant traction worldwide, with airplay in countries such as Poland, Spain, UK, US, Sweden, Norway, and Central and South America. Their previous releases have charted in Poland, solidifying their position in the rock music scene.

Formed in Gdansk, Poland in May 2020, Snakedoctors consists of four friends who have since released an impressive catalog of music. Their albums, including “Obligation,” “Joy Free Bowl,” “Mellow Joy,” and “Four and a Half,” have garnered acclaim and chart success.

“Waiting,” their highly anticipated album set for release in the first half of 2023, promises an array of captivating songs, surprise appearances, collaborations, and notable producers. With the inclusion of talented musicians like Nik Hughes and Corey Britz, along with mastering by Stephen Marcussen and production by industry veterans such as Marshall Gallagher and the producer behind Megadeth’s recent albums, Snakedoctors have crafted a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

Their previous hits, including “Close That Door,” “Destroyed,” and “Too Many,” have dominated radio charts in Poland, earning them well-deserved recognition. With widespread airplay, chart success, and positive reviews across continents, Snakedoctors’ music resonates with audiences worldwide.

The band’s previous albums have showcased their versatility and collaborations with renowned artists and producers. From Joe Gibb and Kevin Paul to Chris Bolster and Andy “Hippy” Baldwin, Snakedoctors have embraced a diverse range of talents to shape their sound. Their music videos, filmed in multiple countries, provide a visual narrative that complements their unique musical vision.

As an indie band on the Case Studio label, Snakedoctors create music simply for the love of it. Their albums are distributed by MyMusic, and their genuine passion and dedication to their craft shine through in every note. With “Why Don’t” as the latest addition to their impressive repertoire, Snakedoctors continue to captivate audiences with their raw energy and authentic sound.


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La’Monte, a rising star from Philadelphia, continues to captivate audiences with his soulful releases that strike a chord with the listener’s emotions. Blending silky smooth vocals, laidback beats, and a fusion of melodic soul and organic hip-hop flows, La’Monte’s latest offering, “Welcome to the Heartbreak,” has been met with overwhelming praise from his adoring fans.

Known for his groove-driven funky soul, La’Monte adds a fresh twist to his recent work by incorporating low-key trap elements, pushing the boundaries of his musical style. Influenced by iconic artists like The Neptunes, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Curtis Mayfield, Cameo, Timbaland, and a range of R&B legends spanning from the ’60s to the ’90s, La’Monte is creating a diverse catalog that is reshaping the musical landscape.


As a multi-talented artist, La’Monte effortlessly showcases his skills in producing, singing, rapping, playing the guitar, and the piano. His versatility is evident in his work with the band A Couple of Mondays, and “Welcome to the Heartbreak” stands as a testament to his ability to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories.

The track is a perfect fit for curated playlists such as New Hip Hop & RnB on Spotify, appealing to curators who appreciate intelligently crafted music. La’Monte’s organic and authentic sound establishes a groove that is destined to rise to the top.

In other exciting news, La’Monte has unveiled his debut EP album titled “She’s Around.” The album delivers a unique blend of soulful and warm vibes, inspired by musical legends. Available now on all major streaming platforms, the EP features four original songs, each showcasing La’Monte’s diverse influences, including jazz, calming piano melodies, orchestral elements, and acoustic rhythms.

As a trained musician and self-taught singer-songwriter, La’Monte infuses a generational representation and intimacy into each track on the album. His music effortlessly combines a nostalgic essence with a contemporary edge, taking listeners on a sonic journey reminiscent of a summer night drive or the cozy ambiance of a live music-filled coffee shop.

The album opens with “All I Ever Need is Her,” an introspective track characterized by a subtle moderate tempo, delicate instrument decay, and a captivating jazz delivery. “Tonight,” the second track, features low-fidelity piano notes that beautifully contrast and complement the subsequent song, “She’s Around.” The title track brings a touch of banjo, inspired by ’70s karate films, while the EP concludes with “Take it Slow,” an outro that brings listeners back to the jazz influences that initiated the album.

La’Monte’s musical journey began when he learned to play the piano from a master musician in just one year. Initially focusing on rap music due to his limited singing abilities, La’Monte eventually gravitated towards pop and vintage R&B, drawn to the instrumentation and sounds within those genres. Utilizing his piano skills and knowledge of scales and notes, he seamlessly transitioned into the versatile artist he is today.

Beyond his musical endeavors, La’Monte has gained recognition as an animator, with a dedicated following on social media. He specializes in creating traditional 2D content for fellow artists and produces comedic shorts. Merging his artistic talents, he is currently working on a fully-animated music video, promising an immersive visual experience for his fans.

For La’Monte, his music and creative ventures provide an outlet for self-expression that goes beyond words. The “She’s Around” EP draws inspiration from his love for music and a potential love interest, reflecting his growth as an artist and the profound emotional language that music speaks.


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Introducing the captivating collaboration “Everything I Ever Needed” by Minno and Jon Worthy, which seamlessly blends Electronic, Pop, and Rock genres into a mesmerizing sonic experience. With Minno as the producer and Jon Worthy providing his captivating vocals, this dynamic duo brings their unique talents together.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including Rufus Du Sol, Flume, The Beatles, Cage the Elephant, and more, Minno infuses his electronic dance music with indie rock sensibilities. Meanwhile, Jon Worthy’s rock background adds a distinct flavor to the mix.


While Minno focuses on completing his upcoming album, Jon Worthy has already made a name for himself with notable performances at festivals like Musikfest and Sound Harvest, as well as radio appearances.

“Everything I Ever Needed” explores the universal theme of an irresistible connection that keeps pulling you back. Through this release, Minno and Jon Worthy effortlessly blend their unique styles, resulting in a musical synergy filled with raw emotion.

Minno explains his artistic approach, stating, “Music is all about emotions. My role as an artist is to translate my deep feelings into sound, with the aim of making the listener experience the same emotions.”

Prepare to be captivated by the atmospheric and euphoric sounds of “Everything I Ever Needed,” a collaboration that transcends genres and showcases the best of both artists’ talents. Join Minno and Jon Worthy on their musical journey and show your support for this compelling release.

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David Fogel, a talented musician hailing from San Diego, unveils his latest single—a gentle and exquisite piano instrumental that encourages listeners to unwind and embrace tranquility. Immerse yourself in this melodic masterpiece and feel your stress melt away.

David Fogel

As a versatile multi-instrumentalist, Fogel draws inspiration from a range of genres, including modern classical, instrumental piano, light/smooth jazz, contemporary pop, and cinematic soundtracks. His compositions reflect a harmonious fusion of these influences, resulting in a captivating and serene musical experience.

Fogel’s artistic pursuits go beyond music, as he has also made significant contributions to scientific and engineering fields, particularly in artificial intelligence. His passion for exploration and innovation has shaped his musical journey.

In 2018, Fogel introduced a groundbreaking genre called the ‘Symphonina,’ which offers concise symphonic orchestral compositions tailored for online streaming. His remarkable achievements include composing original scores for acclaimed music videos, earning prestigious awards, and joining the esteemed Telly Awards Silver Council of judges.

Alongside his musical accomplishments, Fogel continues to share his expertise through scientific publications and engaging speaking engagements. With the recent release of his album “Showtime” and upcoming singles in 2023, Fogel showcases his versatility and mastery of instrumentation, promising an enthralling musical voyage. Prepare to be captivated by the diverse sonic tapestry he weaves throughout his artistic endeavors.


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