Backstrom, the visionary behind the debut album “The Carousel,” introduces listeners to the enchanting sounds of “The Journey (feat. Bart Topher).” Released on January 18th, this debut single not only marks the beginning of Backstrom’s musical journey but also serves as a melodic ode to resilience.


“The Journey” stands out as a melodic and easy-listening country track without succumbing to clichés, offering a refreshing take on the genre. Backstrom’s creative process involves collaboration with a lineup of talented session musicians. Bart Topher’s vocals grace eight songs on the album, accompanied by his lyrical contributions to three tracks. Francisco Paz, Luca Giannotti, and Kimberly Faith contribute their musical talents, enriching the song’s tapestry. Backstrom’s collaborative approach extends to the virtual realm, utilizing platforms like to assemble a diverse team of musicians. The result is a harmonious blend of talents that elevates the single beyond the conventional country sound. “The Journey” isn’t just a musical debut; it’s a lyrical journey through life’s challenges and triumphs. Inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones, Backstrom weaves a narrative about persevering through tough times and discovering life’s profound priorities.

The song’s poignant theme resonates with audiences, offering a message of hope and resilience. Backstrom’s dedication to his craft is evident in the meticulous production process. Starting with a demo, he collaborates with musicians from different corners of the world, showcasing a global fusion of talents. Gabe Wold’s expertise in mixing and mastering, along with Tommy Jones’ contribution to refining the English lyrics, adds a polished touch to the final product. Reviews have already begun praising “The Journey” as more than just a song but a profound exploration of the human experience. Backstrom’s debut single transcends musical boundaries, offering a heartfelt narrative that speaks to the universal challenges and triumphs of life. As listeners embark on this musical journey, they’re invited to savor each note that echoes the resilience and beauty found within “The Journey.”

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