Marky Wildtype, a musician from Edinburgh, has released his second album, “If Destroyed Still True”. Marky started with rock music, but now he experiments with many styles. His new album is a mix of different sounds, with a focus on alternative rock but also including other genres.

                                                                                MARKY WILDTYPE

The album features catchy melodies, harmonies, and meaningful lyrics that tie everything together. Marky Wildtype’s album “If Destroyed, Still True” is about personal struggles and finding hope in tough times. The album combines alternative, pop, and rock music styles to explore themes of life’s meaning, love, and loss. The songs are both catchy and emotionally deep, making the album hard to categorize. Before the album, Marky released four singles, “Tell Me Again”,  “The Hole”,  “Place of Peace”,  and “Tomorrow”. Each single has a different sound, but they all fit together well.

Marky wrote, arranged, and played all the music himself, except for some drums. He also recorded, mixed, and finalized the album on his own, making it a personal and independent project. Marky Wildtype has been making music for a long time. He used to play guitar in a band called The Jig Show. Then, he made his first solo album in 2020, which was a start to making music again. Now, he has made a new album, “If Destroyed Still True”,  which is better and more confident. The songs are deeper, the music is richer, and the production is better, but it still has catchy hooks, harmonies, and melodies.

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