Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore have a new song out called “It Wasn’t You”. It’s a sad and thoughtful song that will be part of Anna’s new EP coming out in August. They have worked together before on songs like “Holding All My Love” and “Play It Cool”,  and this new song is expected to be just as good and emotional.

                                                              MIKE DI LORENZO AND ANNA MOORE

Anna Moore sings “It Wasn’t You” with a lot of feeling and emotion, showing off her great vocal skills. She and Mike Di Lorenzo work together perfectly, like they have in their other songs, making a great sound that fans love. The song “It Wasn’t You” combines R&B, soul, and jazz to create a unique sound. The music features smooth bass, persuasive drumming, and beautiful keyboard playing that matches the song’s introspective mood. A soulful saxophone solo adds extra emotional depth, making the song even more heartfelt and dramatic.

The song “It Wasn’t You” is a great mix of R&B, soul, and jazz music. It has smooth bass, good drumming, and nice keyboard playing that fits the song’s emotional mood. A special saxophone part adds more feeling and emotion, making the song even more special. Fans can expect more great music from Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore. Their songs touch people’s hearts, and they will keep making music like that. You can listen to “It Wasn’t You” on Spotify and follow them on social media to stay up-to-date on their latest news.

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