DJ Holiday is back with a new single that brings a positive message of living life to the fullest without any worries. Titled “No Stress,” the Atlanta native has enlisted two of the rap game’s favorite artists, Wiz Khalifa and O.T. Genasis, to join him on this upbeat and energetic track. The trio recently shot the official music video in Los Angeles, and the studio was filled with laughter and good vibes.

The hook of the song, sung by Wiz Khalifa, goes, “I don’t stress, I got a check,” which serves as a reminder to stay focused on the positive aspects of life and not let worries bring you down. O.T. Genasis delivers a high-energy, braggadocious verse, followed by Wiz Khalifa’s signature smooth flow, adding to the overall catchy and feel-good vibe of the song.

DJ Holiday, known for his iconic tagline “Holiday Season!” and his work with various renowned artists, spoke about the collaboration, saying, “O.T. has always been one of my favorites, and I always told him we were gonna get one in every time he came to Atlanta. So I sent him the beat, he destroyed the hook, and I thought it was instant heat. It was definitely giving me ‘Push It’ and ‘Cut It’ vibes.” He also expressed his excitement about having Wiz Khalifa on the track, recognizing the massive fanbase and love the artist has received over the years.

DJ Holiday currently hosts an afternoon slot for Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5 during the weekdays, and “No Stress” is another addition to his impressive discography. The song’s positive message of living without stress and embracing the good in life is timely and resonates with listeners who appreciate music that promotes positivity and upliftment.

As DJ Holiday, Wiz Khalifa, and O.T. Genasis come together on “No Stress,” fans can expect a high-energy and feel-good anthem that encourages them to live their lives to the fullest without any worries. The combination of the three artists’ talents and the song’s positive vibes make it a standout track that is sure to be well-received by music enthusiasts.