David Arkenstone, a famous music composer, has released a new album called “Quest for the Runestone”. He is known for his music in the World of Warcraft game and on NBC Sports. People are saying this new album is one of his best works ever.

                                                                                DAVID ARKENSTONE

David Arkenstone’s new album, “Quest for the Runestone”,  is inspired by his love for Celtic, Nordic, and movie soundtrack music. The album is a grand and exciting experience, similar to his earlier themed albums. Critics have praised it as “very epic and unforgettable” and “unique and captivating”. David Arkenstone created the entire album himself, playing many instruments like guitar, flute, drums, and keyboards. He also had help from other talented musicians, including Eric Rigler, a famous bagpiper, and Luanne Homzy, who played the violin and a special Norwegian instrument called the Hardanger fiddle, adding a beautiful and haunting sound to the album.

The physical album comes in a special box with extra goodies and a booklet with a story. The music and lyrics in songs like “Prophecy”,  “Ancient Magic Awakens”,  and “Secrets of the Runestone” paint vivid pictures and take listeners on an imaginary journey to another world. The album “Quest for the Runestone” is also available in Dolby Atmos, which provides a very immersive surround sound experience. Before the album was released, Arkenstone held a special listening event where fans could hear the album in Dolby Atmos and chat with him live on Bandcamp.

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