A talented artist, Mia Catalina has recently released her latest single, “Otra Galaxia”. This song was written and performed by herself. This song explores the feeling of love for listeners.

                                                                                      MIA CATALINA

This song tells us that love is very intense, especially when it surprises you. This is about the one who never thought to be in love but, in the end, felt it deeply. Firstly, you want to live in that moment without thinking about the future. The kisses, words, and actions of this new love make you feel as if you are in another world. The love is not planned at all; it’s unexpected. It feels like everything has changed, and now the world is revolving out of your control. The love brings a strange feeling of completeness.

The mixture of expressive vocals and the unique voice of Mia Catalina will make you feel lost in a starry galaxy, as is present in the song’s theme. Fans can follow her on social media platforms to get updates about her upcoming projects. “Otra Galaxia” is evidence that Mia Catalina has talent and a passion for music. She conveyed deep emotions through her lyrics and performance, making this song more attractive to those who love heartfelt and expressive music.

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