The London group Seafarers has released a new song, “Everything I’d Do (to Get a Hold on You)”. It’s a loving tribute to classic country songs from the 1980s. This song comes after their well-received song “Bedwetters” in May and gets us ready for their third album coming out in October.

                                                                                  CHLOE ROSSER

The song “Everything I’d Do (to Get a Hold on You)” is about a troubled relationship at a university. The person singing is deeply in love, but the other person is hard to connect with. The song describes the sadness and longing that come with trying to make it work. It’s a quiet, personal song that draws inspiration from famous artists like Bonnie Raitt and Sinead O’Connor. Seafarers is a group of six musicians who have been working together for a long time. They make music that combines indie rock, chamber pop, and jazz. The group is led by Matthew Herd, who has worked with well-known artists like Jacob Collier and Glass Animals.

Seafarers released their first album, “Orlando”,  in 2018, which was praised by people all over the world. Three years later, they released their second album, “II”,  which dealt with mixed emotions. Seafarers’ new song shows they can make music that feels deep and tells a good story. Fans can expect their next album in October and can enjoy this new song until then.

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