This heartfelt track holds a special place in my heart. Immersion was born during a period of immense stress and intensity, compelling me to create a musical masterpiece that would convey the plethora of emotions I was experiencing. It was a way for me to navigate the conflicting waves of life and find solace within my music. I hope this composition resonates with listeners, providing them with soothing and supportive moments of reflection. Thank you for joining me on this musical journey. ~ Claire

Claire Bigley

Influenced by the likes of Olufur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, my neo-classical style is deeply rooted in the works of classical masters such as Chopin, Debussy, Mahler, and Barber. Through Immersion, I aim to evoke a sense of calm and nourishment, embracing a slightly minimalistic approach to song composition.

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the Lousianna Philharmonic Orchestra for their Harry Potter and Home Alone concert series. Playing the soundtrack alongside the films was an absolute joy, particularly since both scores were composed by the legendary John Williams.

“Created with the intention of awakening the body,” writes We Write About Music, “Claire Bigley’s latest track, ‘Emodiment,’ grounds the listener, urging them to focus within and appreciate the beauty of minimalistic songwriting.”

Immersion was recorded in the comfort of my spare bedroom, using Garage Band and my trusted keyboard. This project was deeply inspired by the challenging experience of caring for my mother after her leg injury. It highlights the interplay between grace and strength, reflecting the ever-changing and sometimes tumultuous nature of life.

In the words of Anthony Gucciardi, “Claire, your performance was in the key of divinity. Truly stunning how you are able to convey energy so well.” With Immersion, I invite you to immerse yourself in the power of music and embark on a transformative journey of emotions and resilience.

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Introducing the latest offering from rising singer-songwriter Jett Jenkins, the captivating single “Bite the Bullet.” Released on June 16th, this delicate and dreamy track seamlessly blends Jett’s signature pop sound with darker undertones of new-wave synth, creating a unique and immersive musical experience.

Jett Jenkins

“Bite the Bullet” delves into profound themes of mental health, grief, and resilience. The lyrics poignantly reflect the struggles we face in life and the importance of pushing through difficult seasons. Jett’s heartfelt chorus, inspired by Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold,” resonates deeply: “I hope you know how proud I am you made it. Pushing past a bullet. Biting with your teeth. Ready to implode. When voices raising. You are so unsure. You’re so afraid of everything. Searching for a heart of gold.”

Jett Jenkins

Jett Jenkins, an alt-pop artist based in Brooklyn, combines dreamy, colorful production with introspective songwriting. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Billie Eilish and Blondie, Jett’s debut EP showcases her emotional depth and wisdom beyond her years. As she embarks on her music career and prepares for the transition into young adulthood, Jett’s raw talent and spellbinding charisma promise a bright future in the indie-pop scene.

Experience the empowering sounds of “Bite the Bullet” now available on all streaming platforms, and let Jett Jenkins guide you through life’s battles with her poignant music.


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Introducing the latest synth-pop gem from Anchorage’s very own rising alternative artist dreamcat. Released on June 16th, “Fresh Air” marks the beginning of an exciting musical journey leading up to dreamcat’s forthcoming EP (launch date to be announced). Crafted during the heart of the Alaskan winter, this captivating track serves as a beacon of hope, embracing warmer weather and brighter days on the horizon.


With its groovy undertones, falsetto vocals, and intricate layering of electronic vibrations, “Fresh Air” immerses listeners in a world of positive energy. dreamcat’s goal is to uplift and inspire, encouraging everyone to find joy and love in the simplicity of life. This EP is profoundly connected to dreamcat’s personal journey with sobriety, using music as a therapeutic outlet for the soul after emerging from rehab.

Collaborating with local music hero James Glaves, known for his work with renowned artists like “Medium Build” and having his music featured on hit TV show “Gone Girl,” dreamcat is poised to deliver a collection of singles that will leave a lasting impact.

Stay tuned for dreamcat’s highly anticipated EP and, in the meantime, enjoy the uplifting vibes of “Fresh Air” available on all major streaming platforms. Let dreamcat’s music transport you to a place of positivity and self-discovery.


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In the world of music, some voices are simply destined to shine. Sharon Hendrix, a musical force to be reckoned with, discovered her innate talent at the tender age of two. Standing on a pew, she unleashed her powerful voice, captivating the church congregation and receiving her first applause. From that moment, her trajectory as a music icon was set.

Sharon Hendrix

Collaborating with legends like Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder, Hendrix has proven herself as a trusted creative partner. Her velvety vocals have graced countless albums and stages, enthralling audiences worldwide. Amidst her collaborations, she also embarked on a remarkable solo career, delivering infectious pop hits and heart-wrenching ballads.

In her latest single, “It Takes Two,” Hendrix pays homage to her musical roots. Joined by longtime friend and collaborator Marvin Robinson, they cover the classic duet originally performed by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston. The track showcases their chemistry, with sultry voices intertwining seamlessly over a swinging arrangement of horns, saxes, and keys.

The accompanying music video for “It Takes Two” offers a glimpse into Hendrix’s creative process. It features energetic performances by the duo, backed by a lively band. The visual collage also includes nods to iconic musical couples, culminating in a heartfelt tribute to Hendrix and her partner, producer Dan Voss Jr.

Immerse yourself in the revitalizing world of Sharon Hendrix and embrace the timeless magic of “It Takes Two.” Get ready to groove and celebrate the power of collaboration with this remarkable remake. For more from Sharon Hendrix, visit her website and stay tuned for her upcoming ventures.


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