Prepare to be captivated by the heartfelt ballad “Everybody Needs to Love,” the latest offering from the dynamic musical duo known as Karmic Neighborhood. Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck, the brilliant minds behind this captivating project, present the third track in a series of singles for the highly anticipated feature film, “Equinox the Musical.”

Karmic Neighborhood

“Everybody Needs to Love” showcases a softer side of Karmic Neighborhood’s musical style, delivering a profound and resonating message. Within the film, the song takes form as a beautiful duet between the initially skeptical Professor, portrayed by Armand Ruby, and the compassionate cafĂ© waitress, Amy, brought to life by Ariel Thiermann. Through their characters, the Professor’s perspective on a homeless man undergoes a transformative shift, thanks to Amy’s kindness and understanding.

With its stripped-down piano accompaniment and emotive vocals, “Everybody Needs to Love” speaks to the profound truth of our shared humanity. Armand Ruby aptly describes the song as an exploration of how love and compassion can emerge when we confront the complexities and challenges of our human existence.

The inspiration for this powerful ballad stemmed from a real-life encounter in Davis, California, where Armand Ruby connected with a homeless individual. This experience deeply resonated with him, highlighting the profound significance of love and kindness in our lives.

Karmic Neighborhood, formed when Armand and Julian became neighbors along the picturesque California coast, combines their musical talents and life experiences. Julian, renowned for his work with bands like Charlie and his collaborations with Alan Parsons, brings his exceptional skills as a keyboardist and producer to the project.

Their collaboration on the “Equinox the Musical” venture has already garnered acclaim, with the short film “I Said I Will” and its accompanying song receiving multiple awards at prestigious film festivals.

Make a note on your calendar for the full soundtrack album release of “Equinox the Musical,” scheduled for September 22, 2023, coinciding with the arrival of the fall equinox. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the heartfelt melodies of Karmic Neighborhood’s “Everybody Needs to Love,” available now on all major streaming platforms. Embark on a soul-stirring musical journey that celebrates the transformative power of love and compassion, and eagerly anticipate more captivating releases from this talented duo in the near future.


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In a captivating display of talent, emerging electronic artist Jesse Pringle unveiled his latest single, “Other Side,” on Friday, June 23rd. With its mesmerizing blend of LoFi undertones and profound lyrics, the song draws inspiration from Jesse’s personal journey, inviting listeners to embrace life’s fullest potential and break free from unhappiness and stagnation. “Other Side” delves into themes of mental health struggles, self-empowerment, astrology, and more, creating a poignant musical experience.

Jesse Pringle

The track showcases Jesse’s lyrical prowess, with poignant lines such as, “If I ain’t living then I’m dying, letting go of fear and taking a leap of faith. We are designed to succeed and be happy, so why waste our lives afraid of following our passions.” Collaborating with Peruvian music producer Mari Tang, Jesse infused “Other Side” with a unique depth that melds relatability and storytelling.

Drawing influences from a wide array of artists, including Akon, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Deadmau5, The Weeknd, and Chris Stapleton, Jesse Pringle’s musical journey spans back to the early 2000s. As a former professional athlete and filmmaker, Jesse’s passion and focus shine through in every production. “Other Side” serves as a testament to his personal, professional, and spiritual experiences, offering a relatable and smooth rhythmic tune that resonates deeply with audiences. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Other Side” by streaming the single now!


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R&B artist July has been making waves in the music industry with his distinctive sound and raw, heartfelt lyrics. With previous releases like “Circus” and “Pokey Lights” earning critical acclaim, July has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Now, the moment fans have been eagerly awaiting has arrived. July’s highly anticipated single, “Medicated,” has been unleashed upon the world. This captivating release showcases July’s signature soulful vocals and introspective songwriting, taking listeners on an emotional journey.

“Medicated” is a testament to July’s growth as an artist, offering a captivating blend of heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies. The track explores themes of self-discovery and personal struggles, delivering a relatable and introspective experience for listeners.

As July continues to rise in the R&B world, “Medicated” serves as a testament to his undeniable talent and artistic vision. Be sure to stream this powerful single now, and join the growing legion of fans captivated by July’s musical prowess. Keep an eye on his social media platforms for exciting updates and future releases, as this rising star continues to make his mark in the industry.


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Canadian artists Apollo Rising and sunny court join forces to deliver a captivating musical experience with their collaborative single, “Bloodshot.” The genesis of this powerful track can be traced back to late 2022 when alt-pop artist Apollo Rising discovered the indie hyperpop sound of sunny court’s debut EP, “july.” Intrigued by sunny court’s catchy hooks and unconventional vocal/production style, Apollo Rising approached him with a proposal to collaborate.

Apollo Rising and Sunny court

Stepping outside their musical comfort zones, the duo embarked on a creative journey to explore a new and foreign sound. “Bloodshot” serves as the second single from Apollo Rising’s upcoming EP, “Maybe in Another Life,” following the release of “Serotonin.”

Inspired by their shared emotional scars, the artists channeled their experiences into “Bloodshot,” delving into themes of addiction, toxic relationships, and mental health struggles. The track’s production and lyrics paint a vulnerable picture, blending aggression and intimacy in a captivating manner. The result is an unforeseen mix that combines Apollo Rising’s addiction-fueled lyrics and melodic trap production with sunny court’s tongue-in-cheek verse, all building up to a climactic punk rock finale.

Drawing influences from various genres, Apollo Rising and sunny court crafted a production that mirrors the emotional depth of the song. The contrasting elements of the melodic, light verses and the heavy, punchy choruses reflect the artists’ frustrations and anxieties. While “Bloodshot” doesn’t follow a linear narrative, its intention is to provide a vague retelling that allows listeners to interpret the song through their own personal experiences.

Prepare to be captivated by the emotionally charged collaboration of Apollo Rising and sunny court as they unveil “Bloodshot.” This single serves as a testament to their artistic growth and willingness to push musical boundaries. Look out for the release of Apollo Rising’s EP, “Maybe in Another Life,” set to debut later in 2023.



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