In a neo-Freudian pursuit of tapping into the depths of emotion, RHEIN embarked on a unique musical journey by tracking the content of his dreams. The result is the captivating EP titled “Die Traumdeutung,” with “Allemaal alleen” as its second single release.


RHEIN is the musical alter-ego of Reinier van den Haak, known for his work with bands like Krach and Roosbeef. After devoting more time to his career as a psychologist, van den Haak decided to merge his two passions. In an attempt to shift away from pure rationality and delve into the realm of raw emotion, RHEIN began drawing inspiration from the vivid landscapes of his dreams.

For the creation of “Die Traumdeutung,” RHEIN sought collaboration with familiar faces. Producer/bassist Erik Harbers (Automatic Sam, the Niemanders) and jazz drummer Ruud Voesten (Ambrosia, Krach) joined forces, adding their unique talents to the trio that is RHEIN. The recording and mixing of “Die Traumdeutung” were expertly handled by Gijs Coolen (Anneke van Giersbergen, Woost).

With its dream-infused soundscapes and introspective lyrics, “Die Traumdeutung” invites listeners into a realm where the subconscious takes center stage. RHEIN’s exploration of his own dreams offers a captivating glimpse into the depths of human emotion, presenting a unique perspective on the power of music as a conduit for self-discovery.

“Allemaal alleen” stands as a testament to RHEIN’s ability to translate the enigmatic world of dreams into a compelling musical experience. Stay tuned for the release of “Die Traumdeutung” and immerse yourself in RHEIN’s hypnotic melodies and thought-provoking lyrical narratives.


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In a bold departure from his usual repertoire, Cormac has unveiled a heartfelt rendition of Sia’s iconic track, “Titanium.” This reimagination takes on a more ballad-like form, focusing on the lyrics and vocals to convey the song’s emotional depth in a fresh and captivating way. Recognizing the futility of trying to replicate Sia’s powerhouse vocals, Cormac embraces the opportunity to infuse the song with his unique artistry before his voice undergoes its natural transformation.

Cormac has always been drawn to songs that resonate with him on an emotional level, delivering them with an authentic and unadorned style that avoids adult affectations. “Titanium” marks one of his few ventures into the pop genre, showcasing his ongoing exploration of different musical styles while staying true to his signature vocal-ballad and piano-driven sound.

The collaboration between Cormac and Jon Cohen, the arranger and producer of his debut album “Hear My Voice,” adds a sense of familiarity and trust to the project. Cohen’s expertise ensures that the simplified and slowed-down rendition of “Titanium” maintains the essence of Cormac’s previous vocal-led piano-ballad tracks.

To further enhance the message of resilience conveyed by the song, Cormac teamed up with talented Irish filmmaker Sean Treacy. The accompanying music video portrays a young dancer named Hannah, who grapples with performance anxiety and mental health struggles. Ultimately, she triumphs over adversity, delivering a powerful message of resilience and hope. Cormac’s personal connection to the song resonates deeply, as it was the very tune he was scheduled to perform in the semi-finals of BGT (Britain’s Got Talent), only to have the opportunity abruptly withdrawn.

With his rendition of “Titanium,” Cormac showcases his artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to delivering poignant and relatable music. Stay tuned for more captivating releases as Cormac continues to captivate audiences with his emotive vocals and introspective song choices.


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Rehya Stevens, an acclaimed independent artist, has unleashed her latest Dance/EDM single titled “Love Party” across various streaming platforms. Collaborating with Jamie Dunlap, a two-time Emmy Award-winning composer known for his work on “South Park,” Stevens has delivered a refreshing departure from her usual seasonal releases.

Rehya Stevens

With an impressive track record of over 40 sync licenses, a notable Billboard holiday single reaching #2, and an HMMA award for ‘Best in Holiday,’ Stevens has become renowned for her original Christmas catalog, which continues to expand each year. While “Love Party” may seem like a departure from her signature style, Stevens remains true to her inclusive and celebratory perspective, emphasizing the transformative power of love.

Reflecting on her upbringing in a sheltered Northern California town and her firsthand experiences with issues such as poverty, discrimination, and the #metoo movement, Stevens channels her progressive worldview into her music. The song is an empowering anthem, urging listeners to overcome obstacles and thrive within a flawed system.

Beyond its infectious summer vibes, “Love Party” represents much more to Stevens—a cathartic expression of frustration and an affirmation of personal strength. The track’s inclusion in the upcoming Lifetime movie “Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny” adds another layer of excitement to its release.

Rehya Stevens, a gifted songwriter and recording artist from California, draws inspiration from her father’s illustrious career as a keyboardist for icons like Diana Ross and the Supremes, Bobby Caldwell, and Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers. Her remarkable songwriting skills have caught the attention of music supervisors and solidified her status as a rising star in the industry.

Experience the dynamic energy and uplifting message of “Love Party” as Rehya Stevens takes listeners on a captivating musical journey. Immerse yourself in her empowering sound and stay tuned for more captivating releases from this extraordinary artist.


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Love is a labyrinth of emotions, and navigating a breakup can be an agonizing experience. In her introspective and achingly sincere synth pop single, “Feel This Way,” Alexia Vegas delves into the depths of her insecurities and uncertainties surrounding the decision to end a relationship. Her lover pleads with her to stay, unable to comprehend why she wants to part ways. Expressing her conflicted state of mind, she questions whether holding on makes her weak or if letting go is a display of strength. Echoing her sentiment, Alexia poignantly asserts, “They say love can weather or weather, sunny days will follow the storm. I say love is never forever, and love starts dying the day it is born.”

Alexia Vegas

Despite being a newcomer to the music scene, Alexia Vegas is no stranger to the industry. At just 23 years old, she boasts over seven years of experience, crafting melodic masterpieces that transcend the boundaries of infectious pop tunes. Her music has graced the screens of Apple TV, Netflix, and CBS, enchanting audiences worldwide. Her compositions have been recorded by fellow artists both in the United States and Europe, featured on compilation albums, and discovered on numerous Spotify playlists.

As Alexia embarks on her own musical journey, she invites listeners to join her in what promises to be an exhilarating adventure. With her heartfelt lyrics and captivating sound, she is set to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the music industry. Stay tuned for the exciting chapters yet to unfold in the story of Alexia Vegas.


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