Sao Paulo’s Child of SP has released a new single, “Issues”. This hip-hop-soul song explores the cultural separation and personal struggles experienced by the Child of SP in his music. “Issues” has been released this year, and it has become a standout track.

                                                                                      CHILD OF SP

This song has combined the emotional style of SP Child with R&B-style harmonies and spaced-out drums. The result is dreamy; it reflects the emotional distance described in the lyrics. This song is inspired by the personal experiences of SP’s child when he was moving from Brazil to Europe. This song talks about a relationship that didn’t work out, but they were not enemies; they both tried to heal and solve problems together. The lyrics, “We have issues, but we can work it out,” capture this feeling perfectly.

The music video was directed by Peter Moutinho. The video switches between stylish black-and-white and color scenes that show the child of SP and his partner traveling, highlighting the unspoken distance between them. Although he is too young in his career, SP Child has already made efficient progress in the music industry. He is the first Brazilian artist who only sings in English. He got radio play for his first single, “Smoke.” He has also opened for big names like Tyga and Akon, which is a special moment for him since his first album was purchased by Akon’s “Konvicted.”

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