B1GHEADCHRIS has released a new song called “When I Don’t Talk So Much”. The song is about mental health and the struggles people face when they are quiet or don’t speak up. The song’s lyrics say, “When I’m quiet, it means I’m struggling” and “I’m sitting alone, talking to myself, and hiding my thoughts”. The artist wants to show that people often hide their struggles and encourage open talk about mental health.

                                                                                    KEVIN HUVR

B1GHEADCHRIS has been making music for 12 years. He likes many famous artists, like Drake and Eminem. He recorded his new song in his bedroom and worked on it with Stewart Tuttle at a Wendy’s restaurant. B1GHEADCHRIS’s song is about his struggles with depression and feeling suicidal. He wants people to know that even if someone looks happy, they might be struggling inside. He shares his story to help others feel okay enough to talk about their problems instead of hiding them.

B1GHEADCHRIS wants people to understand the signs of mental health struggles so they can help each other. He wants to create a community where friends support friends and everyone helps each other feel better.

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